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                                       I'm honestly so...

  • Page finally finished ll Feeling Accomplished ! Reply
  • Page currently undergoing maintenance ;) Reply
  • Haven't been online in so long, omg . :'D Reply
  • I'm sorry if I haven't been on often, my Island was recently hit by Hurricane Irma. I have never been so scared in my life. Reply
  • No more procrastinating, I've finally re-decorated my page! xD Reply
  • I miss Morgana soo much *sniff* Reply
  • Pixie Video Night is so much fun! I hope to see you guys there c: Reply
  • Currently thinking on whether I should make a look book or not.. I love fashion so I probably would. :D Reply

Hey Guys! ❤
                         Welcome To My Aesthetic Page! ❤

                            Please Enjoy Your Stay! ❤
About Snowie ❤

                               Fairy Name: Snowflake

                             Nickname: Snow, Snowie

                                    Gender: Female

                          Hobbies: Dancing, Drawing,

                           Playing Sports and Singing

Snowie's Look book 5/7/17 2017-05-07
Snowie's Look Book I decided to do a look book because I was bored. xP Hope you guys like it, and remember keep in style ! ;) ...
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             This page is                       gonna be so...

Welcome Visitors ❤
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anastasia-lock 2018-6-6 05:50
Hey! where have you been? lkdwkjcf i miss youu <3
Butterflies 2018-2-18 00:38
Snowie: Thank you!!
You're welcome!
Butterflies 2018-2-18 00:34
I absolutely love your page!<3
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