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  • good morning everyone. ^ _ ^   Reply
  • Good Eventing.   Reply
  • hi, good eventing. xD Reply
  • * sighs * i'm bored and i really miss you guys. please come in games. rip.   Reply
  • hi everyone.   Reply
  • i'm back.   Reply
  • i'm going to go on a vacation, hopefully i'll be back soon.   Reply
  • hi everyone.   Reply
  • hi. xD Reply
  • i'm excited for Christmas.   Reply
  • hey, everyone! xD Reply
  • listening to music.   Reply
  • hope everyone have a wonderful day! ❤︎ Reply
  • music and drawing. ❤︎ Reply
  • good afternoon everyone. xD Reply


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Hi. ^_^
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StormyLightning 2022-8-10 17:23
Thank you for introducing me to Red's song "Pieces"
JulieBubble 2022-7-18 20:12
twilight: hi juile. xD
hiiiiii!!! :DD
TheCuriousSeed 2022-7-18 20:08
One word to describe your page: memories.
JulieBubble 2022-7-18 19:56
Hello..I'm stalking
AnastasiaASab 2022-5-15 10:16
hi! I just saw your reply on my cosplay post. Thank you!
Jasper 2020-10-13 16:46
twilight: hi Jas. xD
Hey Twi! How's it hanging?
MoonChildPotter 2020-8-18 10:02
twilight: i'm feeling better, just online today. had a great time with my family. and i'm back from vacation. :3
Oooh fun! Have a good time I hope? Sorry for the late response. For some reason, some of my messages say 'pending' so I don't know what gets through...
~ XO Moon
Lyla 2020-7-6 20:50
i loveeeee you!! :D - Lila
MoonChildPotter 2020-7-6 11:19
Popping in to say hi Twill! How ya been?
~ XO Moon
MoonChildPotter 2019-3-19 18:08
twilight: oh ok, roseshadow. awesome. xD
Bah, it's Rosey Twill!
~ XO Moon
MoonChildPotter 2019-3-18 16:19
Twill!! Visiting your page pushed me to Minister!! :3
WingsFlying 2019-1-24 23:14
Hi there! Twigs Light
You should visit my fairy page. Hee hee!
MoonChildPotter 2018-9-21 17:13
Just popped in to say hey Twill! Love the Fawn gifs!
Sabrinaandove❤ 2018-8-31 16:53
HGHKGLG Twili i love your pagee FAWNN
HappyDerp 2018-8-16 15:17
Dude, you make  me happy too :D  
♪HimariYume♪ 2018-7-28 16:41
I love your space!
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