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crystahlll 2019-3-11 07:35
waddup sav!! was visiting ur channel and i only realised TODAY that u had 3 fairies and it wasn't 3 friends running one account omg lmao
Fuffeedoo1 2019-3-2 22:34
samebert: hey girl!!!
What's up?????
Fuffeedoo1 2019-2-6 18:15
MoonChildPotter 2018-10-16 21:08
Your background is one of my favorite decorations! End-Of-Summer-Sparkler!
~ Xo Moon
MoonFields 2018-8-6 06:33
| Wowst I love your header DX
MoonFields 2018-8-5 22:33
| HHUUHUHUHAUU Thank you famolie!! ;;;;;A;;
Casidith™ 2018-7-24 07:33
I love your videos! 。*:☆(・ω・人・ω・)。:゜☆。
Cookies 2018-7-22 10:46
samebert: I loovee your page
Thank youu <3
crystahlll 2018-7-19 10:30
samebert: Omg I'm shook people still remember my videos HAHAHA thank you so much girl!!!
of course we do!!!! your videos were the BEST
crystahlll 2018-6-16 15:50
omg im so glad i found you on here!! you were one of my fav og ph youtubers :)
JeonJakook 2018-3-3 20:16
Hi! I really like your page :0
Shiloh-chan 2018-2-21 19:41
I like the background sooo much! xD Such vivid coloring hah' ^^ Mmm, anyhow--- I hope to meet ya in the hollow sooner or later, bai-bai!~ Shiloh
MoonFields 2018-1-9 01:35
| OMG so I saw that you're into EDM and I wanna ask if you're into Monstercat... Just for Scientific purposes heheh C;
lunagrace 2018-1-2 16:55
samebert: yo thats awesome that you're majoring in engineering! ygg
hahaha thanks!
Pumpkin1 2017-8-31 13:03
The background of this page just makes me happy. I know I commented about it with my other fairy, but I just had to say it again.
Fuffeedoo1 2017-8-12 17:19
Your page is so pretty! I hope you make more youtube videos some time soon (although I'm not at all pressuring you to!)
CozySpark 2017-6-15 20:54
samebert: i love the playlist u have :-)
Thank you. Sorry for not being active too.  
shootingstar 2017-6-13 07:41
samebert: your page is gorgeous!!!
Thank you! <3
ackerman 2017-6-12 21:09
samebert: you're an ARMY??? gal me too   
Pumpkin 2017-6-10 08:28
You have such a pretty page.

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