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Autumn_Sun 2017-10-12 01:03
SapphireGlitter: Hey Autumn! How have you been lately?
How have you been Sweet Sapphire??
Autumn_Sun 2017-10-12 01:03
SapphireGlitter: Hey Autumn! How have you been lately?
Hey Sweetie <3  Great to hear from you.  I think of you often!!!  I miss flying around in Pixie with you and visiting.  I have been Crazy Busy.  I had to get another job to cover Dr bills ~ it takes up most of my day.  My Husband kidneys stopped working and he had to start dialysis.  As he was doing the prep work and tests to get him activate on the Kidney list, they found a mass on his kidney (cancer?) and also cancer on both prostate.  They saw spots on his lungs and were concerned about cancer there but his lungs are good :)  He has surgery next week to take out both kidneys and will be in the hospital for 4-5 days.  Then he will be dealing with the prostate cancer - radiation, after he recovers from the kidney surgery.  I hope and pray that there is a kidney out there for him for transplant.  It has been a difficult year ~ but I try to remain positive ...  Faith, Trust, and Prayer (Pixie Dust ~ Magic)
Villiana 2017-10-8 18:25
SapphireGlitter: Oh good! I'm glad it was just glitch! Thanks Villiana!
You're welcome! <3
Villiana 2017-10-7 08:39
SapphireGlitter: Hi Villiana! Did I offend you in some way? It said that you left me...That means you unfriended me right? I'm guessing its because me being inactive a ...
Hi Sapphire! I'm not sure how you were deleted, as I do not delete any of my friends, nor am I upset with you. No worries!
Fungirl99000 2017-10-6 19:35
SapphireGlitter: Hi Grace! Thank you for looking at all of my outfits in my album! And for the sweet comment on the newest outfit! I put a lot of time and effort into  ...
Your welcome! I enjoy looking at outfit albums <33
Fungirl99000 2017-9-24 16:39
Hi! I like your page :) I like how you made your background image Dewdrop Vale. It was one of my favorite meadows!!
MoonChildPotter 2017-9-22 22:45
SapphireGlitter: Aw thank you!! Can we be friends :D Your profile is pretty awesome too!!
Absolutely!! :)
Jasper 2017-9-22 21:57
SapphireGlitter: Your profile is so cool! Great job with the editing :D
Thank you so much!
Fungirl99000 2017-9-22 21:44
SapphireGlitter: So cool you became a mod! So happy for you Pixie Hugs!
Thank you! :D
smallapple403 2017-9-22 21:18
oooh pretty page :D
MoonChildPotter 2017-9-22 21:05
Love your profile! :)
Pumpkin 2017-9-17 17:36
SapphireGlitter: Wow your page is so pretty I love it! Great job!
Thanks so much.
SapphireGlitter 2017-9-16 18:17
Hi all do you guys like my new page layout?
SapphireGlitter 2017-9-14 20:33
Thanks Autumn! I will check that out now! I was unable to login for a while because something with my wifi was not working right. I got it fixed now i'm not really sure what the problem was it was just being glitchy i guess lol
Autumn_Sun 2017-9-6 23:23
SapphireGlitter: Wow new meadows! I have not found them yet... I will have to look into that and the custom backgrounds! Thanks for telling me Autumn!
Check on Havendish Square to access the New Meadows.  Keep an eye out for floating GREEN lights in one of the meadows - it will take you to a hidden place.  Have FUN exploring!
Autumn_Sun 2017-8-29 22:08
SapphireGlitter: And your right its so nice to be able to fly around! Wind Muddle and Team really worked hard to make site so great! I was so sad when pixie hollow clo ...
Yes, I totally agree Wind Muddle & Team have done an AMAZING job!!  There are so many people (Admin, Mods, etc) that help make this place Great! You have to fly around and check out all the Flitterific new meadows they have here ~ truly adding so much more than just the traditional Pixie experience.  They even have a Custom scene area in the lower right corner ~ create your own backgrounds.  I hope to see you flying around so we can chat more.  Pixie Hugs!!  <3
Autumn_Sun 2017-8-29 00:31
SapphireGlitter: Hi Autumn! Thanks for welcoming me to Fairyabc! I'm so happy to have you as a friend : D
Thanks Sweetie ~ nice to see you flying around again  :)
lotuscup 2017-8-28 18:43
SapphireGlitter: I know right? its been way to long! I'm doing good! How about you? Ya I have not been active for a long time... I'm going to try to be active more now ...
looking forward to see in in hollow, seems ages since we last talked
Dream 2017-8-27 22:02
SapphireGlitter: Wow i don't know any of the deleted songs! Do you know how many was deleted? Now i want to find out!
You can search up on youtube "Hamilton Deleted Songs" or something like that!
Dream 2017-8-27 19:37
SapphireGlitter: If you stand for nothing Burr what do you fall for? oh and which song from Hamilton was that last quote from? Sorry I'm tired I missed some sleep last ...
Congratulations (a deleted song from the musical to save time)

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