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Chanling FanFic 2016-12-12
I have recently made a Chanling fanfic! I hope all of you guys will enjoy!!!! Link: ...
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No longer Homeless ;) 2016-12-10
So..It's been a few weeks now that I have finally gotten a home.It's surely very luxurious and bigger than the other homes.(heh heh)Even though it was ...
(379) Views|(4) Comments

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rosarose 2017-6-29 06:36
ohhh i love your page winnie!
LabsNotDabs✨ 2017-4-15 18:24
I still have the Winnie Rib Disease.
smallapple403 2017-4-2 15:00
Hehehehehehe //cough kpop
Dresses24 2017-3-25 20:40
smallapple403 2017-3-20 08:15
heyyy^^ i like ur name lol
Electra 2017-2-19 04:30
Pink_Panda: AYOOO HOW ARE U BBY?   
dude im greattt omggg

even better now that this game is back, even though its not the disney version that i grew up with i still love it.
Electra 2017-2-16 17:57
hey winnie its me lucy lovelylashes lol waddup dude
Sabrinaandove❤ 2017-1-25 12:40
Heyy Win win :33 How're you bbg Iv'e Missed you
Lovin The new Profile Picture! ❤ ^-^
Long time no see / talk :))
LabsNotDabs✨ 2017-1-1 17:05
Pink_Panda: LOLLLLLL IM SO DONE MS.VIVI <33333 Come through and I'll treat you to Vivis
Yesss please! ^^
LabsNotDabs✨ 2017-1-1 15:09
Oh my gosh, did you hear about Winnie? Golly, she is as fabulous as they come; I cannot top her. Anyway, I think I shouldn't be gossiping behind her back. Shhhh, make sure you don't tell her!
Sabrinaandove❤ 2016-12-19 18:53
Pink_Panda: LOLLLLLL!!!! My life...tbh I just want the week over with XD...My plan is to stay home and sleep. Hbu? How are you spending your holidays? Btw I see y ...
Ya i had to go christmas shopping
and i'm going to bake some christmas cookies
Sabrinaandove❤ 2016-12-19 18:38
OOh your page still looks
aamazinggg ❤ hows life treating ya these days?
hope  you have a blessed christmas safe travels if your'e traveling
any special plans for the Holidays long time no see i miss you bbg^-^
Villiana 2016-12-18 15:49
Pink_Panda: LOL!!! Thanks May <333
No problem.❤
Villiana 2016-12-17 22:00
Nice page Winnie! I love your profile as well.<3
Sabrinaandove❤ 2016-12-13 12:28
Winn Gurl where you been how're you? lovely outfit
btw on your profile picture :) ooh gossip ok hmm whisperwhisper ❤ XD
LiliumBubbleup 2016-12-7 00:32
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