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twilight 2020-8-10 21:32
Luna, i love your bakground.  hope you have a great afteroon. <3
SapphireGlitter 2019-4-14 11:32
Hi Fzrasu! I hate to post this directly to your page but I really need a mods help with this! I can't post photos to any of my albums or make a new album or post any photos to the forums! I tried to make a post in the help forum many people tried to help but nothing worked! And then the post got locked after 10 days... The glitch is I go to add i photo to my album and then it only shows what appears to be blank files the photo does not show up and when i click to upload it... it says please select photo to upload! But it wont let me select the photos to upload all that shows up is the blank files! and yes they are really photos they are from fairyabc's 1.0 version of my fairy in pixie hollow! I have not been able to post photos for MONTHS! This really needs to be fixed because i used to have so much fun making new outfits and posting them... now i rarely play fairyabc i only come online to check to see if it has been fixed... any help would be great. Thank you From Sapphire Glitterwish
MoonChildPotter 2019-3-10 00:18
Love your new profile pic!
~ XO Moon
PixieDelRey 2019-2-6 02:09
i love your profile
Jeocalix-Inminf 2019-1-9 20:11
The background is beautiful
smallapple403 2018-11-24 00:02
oooh i love the picture<33 so fantasy-fairy likee
MoonFields 2018-9-25 08:25
| I love the background~~ :' D
Crystal2780!! 2018-9-9 18:22
I do not recollect if I told you this before, yet I am VERY fond of butterflies.  Your profile picture//avatar makes me smile every time I see it.
WinterSparkle 2018-8-29 20:50
Fzrasu: Hi, you can find the gateway to fairy circle from forest pathlet
Thank you so much!!
WinterSparkle 2018-8-24 20:33
I love your page so much! Also, may I ask where the Fairy Circle is? I cannot seem to find it, I haven't been online in a while so that's why. Thank you for everything you have done! I greatly appreciate it :)
HappyDerp 2018-8-19 22:08
I love your page Su! I'm happy to have found this game and everyone accompanied with it. Hugs and happiness!  
PearlSnow 2018-8-14 18:57
Fzrasu: nice snow
Thank you! :) So sorry for the late reply!
♥foxheart♥ 2018-8-4 22:34
Hi Su! Any updates on the status of 2.0? Really pretty background btw!
7PandaGirl7 2018-7-25 08:42
I love the background! So many flowers. So many butterfly's. :)
PixieDelRey 2018-7-20 02:00
the background makes me smile :3
Pandora 2018-6-27 15:37
Ooooh! I really like this background!  
Nelly2024 2018-6-25 11:46
I really like your page, the background is very pretty!
Pixielover1515 2018-6-12 18:08
ur background is pretty btw
Pixielover1515 2018-6-12 18:08
can you melt the snow on 1.0 and add new stuff
Villiana 2018-6-3 17:59
Susie, I love your background!~ Such a nice shade of pink, it's beautiful. <3

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