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Share First time on FairyABC since the old pixie hollow closed
emasuji 2018-9-2 16:32
It's amazing to see my childhood game become revived! I am super excited. I can't get the server option, though and i keep going to the garden instead.. could that be because I'm a "new fairy"?
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Share Angels' Fashion Show
Starreyes 2018-9-2 13:03
Hi everyone! The Angels' Fashion show is coming up on the 29th! I moved the date because I had conflicts yesterday. I may move the date again if this doesn't work for people! The link to the event description is below! http://www.fairyabc.com/forum.php?mod=viewthreadtid=7287extra= Feel f ...
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Share Copperpuff issue 2 "rant"
Fizzy 2018-9-2 02:35
Hey Fairies! So, Who's excited for Copperpuff issue 2? I know I am! I am very sorry about the late release! It's really hard to work on stuff when I have school and homework! If I have time I will try to work on it but, I definitely don't think it will come out anytime this week. I will most likely ...
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Share I love your fairy name!
WingsFlying 2018-9-1 21:40
::luck:: We have to save spring! Harmony's Sweet Shop Fawn The darkened meadows are so pretty! Dandelion Fluff
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Share Spirit Prep Chapter Seventeen
Fuffeedoo1 2018-9-1 12:05
Chapter Seventeen-From anger to the unexpected One month later Though the weather in the Core is usually the same year round, I can tell that spring is in the air based on the higher amount of energy in the school and the talk of final exams. I hope these ...
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Share About me (updated)
Nora 2018-8-27 21:21
Hi, I'm Nora; A nerd from some corner of the internet. I'm an aspiring artist, writer, and computer nerd. I enjoy telling witty jokes that are really dad jokes and listening to remixes of a certain song on repeat.divdivbr/divdivI'm also accepting the first three requests I recieve, and so ...
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Share | Update 8/26/2018
MoonFields 2018-8-27 00:52
| I know I said this like 1765123 times but I just want to put new blog material so bear with me. | I think some may have noticed of this logo going about on my recent themes. | This actually belongs to the original Karma Fields, a music artist whose persona is that of an AI ga ...
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Share Do you like my Fairy name? Sure!
WingsFlying 2018-8-26 10:13
Fairy Fireworks Wow- what a lovely name! Blue I'll be Chipmunk. Moon and Stars! Keep it dusty! I'm looking for Yellow Gems.
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