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electrospider78 2021-3-24 20:37
tried to make lizzie and violet on a twin picrew. they didn't have much clothes, nor dark skin tones but I think they look pretty close. especially with liz and her hair bow, and vio with her choker.
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Found old FairyABC fairy
cottonbeam52 2021-3-10 17:35
I found a saved image of my old account's fairy on my computer!! It's from 2016, wowie. I couldn't put the image in a blog post, but it's in my album.
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First Fairy Post
DaisyFrost 2021-3-9 19:54
Hi everyone I'm new to this forum. I have loved Disney Fairies ever since I was little. I hope to make some friends as well. Fly with you later, DaisyFrost.
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I am......... By Benjamin Giroux Another Great Poem
Pumpkin 2021-2-12 21:14
10 year old Benjamin Giroux I am odd, I am new I wonder if you are too I hear voices in the air I see you don't, and that's not fair I want to not feel blue I am odd, I am new I pretend that you are too I feel like a boy in outer space I touch the stars and feel out of place ...
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Legend of the rainbow fairy part 3
Frostwinter 2021-2-10 08:36
I have just posted part 3 onto the fantasy pad so hopefully soon u will see it and enjoy it
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My Blog
piichi 2021-1-25 02:45
Have you ever had a dream that that you um you had you could you would you want you you could do so you you could you could you you want you wanted to do it so much you could do anything ???????????????
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piichi 2021-1-25 02:43
fairies are pretty cool I think oh yeah pog
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activity log (temp)
electrospider78 2021-1-23 02:30
im doing this bc i am unable to update the log. so im removing it from my space and putting my blog posts instead. i got the files for UB funkey's ost and the demo for sonic Xtreme, ive been listening to it and im so happy i found em. i got UB's from khinsider,Xtreme from a space queen ext ...
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~#Collection of Quotes#~
QueeNia 2021-1-16 04:37
**This is ma first time writing a "blog" all ma life... (Unexpectedly lol) this prbbly gonna be a NEW place for me to express feelings or thoughts : ------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- “Your time is lim ...
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Legend of the rainbow fairy part 3 update
Frostwinter 2021-1-3 09:20
Hi guys...I haven't forgotten I will post up part 3 when I can... Hopefully in the next few weeks (no promises) Hope you enjoy it when I do post it
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