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Share Legend of the Rainbow Fairy part 3 spoiler
Frostwinter 2020-10-19 08:39
Sorry it's taking so long... I'm busy with uni. Anyway here's a spoiler. The winter fairies are off to the mainland and Yasmine is left wondering how she's supposed to help Pixie Hollow. The colour mysteriously disappears and Yasmine must work out how to fix it. Will she be able to unite light a ...
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Share New Cosplay Project!
wavesup 2020-10-14 15:11
Hi pixies, it's Acorn! I just thought of a cool new project that I can work on. I will get into that in a sec. Now with this new project in mind, I'm not at all getting rid of my disney character cosplay series. That is here to stay, trust me! I just want to add a new series to keep me busy lol. Any ...
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Share Artwork for Ginkgo Silkmuse
Pumpkin 2020-10-9 13:00
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Share Fairy Family
Pumpkin 2020-9-29 14:37
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Share Legend of The Rainbow Fairy Part 2
Frostwinter 2020-9-29 12:17
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Share Journal Entry #1 - Social Networking + Online Learning
bbqueen2 2020-9-27 00:45
Hey there! You are probably wondering what I'm going to write about. Well this is actually a writing exercise for myself. I heard that journaling is a healthy way to express your thoughts and feelings, so I thought I'd give it a shot! I know that you, a person, will see this, so I'm not going to d ...
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Share Ya-Yeet - A Poem by Martin Lightsparrow
Martin 2020-9-25 10:57
Ya... Ya ya yeet... Yeet Yeet yaaaaaaaa Ya Yeet Yaa Yeet Ya Ya Yeet Yeet Ya Yeet ya Yeet Yaaaaaaa Yeet yaaa Yaaa Yeeet Thank you.
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Share Legend of the Rainbow Fairy part 2 SPOILER
Frostwinter 2020-9-24 06:24
This post contains a spoiler about part 2 of Legend of the Rainbow Fairy. Snowflake is desperate to find answers about her sparkling wings and travels across the border (not knowing the risks) to find the two other fairies. Later the young fairies discover a legend that would change the life of a ...
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Share Story mini series
Frostwinter 2020-9-21 18:00
Hi all, As you may have seen on the forum, I have started a story based on some fairies I created in the past and recently. I will post part 2 when I can. As I start Uni soon I may take a while to write it.
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