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Share The warmth
Jeocalix-Inminf 2018-9-13 19:22
It's a quality that very little people have.
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Share My way of doing the that I love.
Jeocalix-Inminf 2018-9-13 19:20
Making the things with love.
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Share I wish....
Jeocalix-Inminf 2018-9-13 16:02
I was so small like a mouse to fit in the pockets the people that is nice for me and especially the friends that for some reasons can't be with at the moment.
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Share Hello
PastelRoselight 2018-9-13 01:00
I don't know if I'm doing this right,but hello
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Share Sad is........
Jeocalix-Inminf 2018-9-11 03:09
When you discover who is your best friend in irl of a breakingheart way.
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Share Fairy Paintings
Ravenforest 2018-9-10 16:18
Every day I will post a fairy from the old Pixie Hollow books that were of~almost~ long ago. They used to have such beautiful art inside of them that had much more depth and detail than the silly ones these days. Today's in, my favorite: Bess. She's the brunette in the picture and is an Art ta ...
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Share Wow- what a pretty name!
WingsFlying 2018-9-9 18:46
Pretty Petunias! Sugar Plums! I'm glad the sun's out again! ::luck:: I got it with Pixie Diamonds! ::singing:: Maple Leaves Are those clouds over Spring Valley? Happy Flapping!
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Share tomatosoup <3 FABC!
tomatosoup 2018-9-6 07:03
Hey everyfairy! I love FABC! I'm guessing you do too! I loooove to host parties, but fairies are telling me to stop hosting them... ! Thanks everyfairy for making this website! 3 tomatosoup
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Share Wow- what a great name!
WingsFlying 2018-9-5 23:01
:\ Kit Sweet Sugary Treats! That is so cute! Your member pin has lots of jewels! Water ::rock:: Snowflakes
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