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Author: Fzrasu

Update note 2018-10-11

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There's more. All NPCs (shopkeepers) appear to be invisible
You automatically fly to Cherryblossom Heights instead of Havendish Square
You still need to click on the words to enter buildings instead of being able to click anywhere on the sign
A really strange static-y noise plays in Summit Style in the background of the birdsong music
The Sweets Shop is still un-enterable
The background in Evergreen Overlook is black/navy (it looks like it doesn't exist, if that makes sense) and looks kind of like the product of a layer left uncolored.
The spring half of the map is obscured and hard to get to sometimes; sometimes there's a white 'border' across only that side
My fairy doesn't show up when I'm trying to buy clothes or dye
The bubbling of the brook in Dewdrop Vale (I'm assuming that's intentional) carries over to Neverberry Thicket
The treetop bend sign is obviously on a different layer than the background art and doesn't move with the background, which is distracting
Wings seem to be 'pulled out' or stretched horizontally, kind of like when you stretch an image in paint but it doesn't proportionally work and the image gets distorted. This is only in images such as when your fairy is trying something on.
Also, hair DOES seem to work in Palm Tree Cove, just not when you're making a fairy
clothing numbers 10258 is a reskin of 10069, just a different color (pretty useless since we have dyes)
Clothing number 10377 rides too far up on the fairy model and makes it look like the fairy doesn't have a neck. it's unsettling. Actually, they all kind of do that but it was most noticeable on 10377.
All clothing seems disproportionately large.
I'll give more info as I continue delving into 2.0.
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