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1. Please check this forum to see if your problem has already been resolved before posting anything( try search some keywords like"white","no color","hourglass").
2. Please title the thread to reflect the specific problem you're having (e.g. title your thread something such as "I Cannot Move my Fairy" rather than "Glitch, Please Help").
3. At the beginning of your thread, please specify the browser that you are using
4, useful questions and answers will be kept to help others, those not important questions might get deleted after posted 30 days.
5. Additionally, please specify any steps you have taken to attempt solving the problem you have encountered
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[Solved] What could make FairyABC more active? New arrival post New Frostwinter The day before 07:27 490 Fzrasu The day before 10:10
[Solved] Nobody there New arrival post New lionsoul821 3 day(s) ago 271 Villiana 3 day(s) ago
[Solved] Fairies stuck in forever loop even in reloading 2.0  ...2 New TheCuriousSeed 4 day(s) ago 11162 Jasper 3 day(s) ago
[Solved] I can't even start the game New arrival post New katykloud9 5 day(s) ago 2135 Jasper 5 day(s) ago
[Solved] Uh... Skintones? New arrival post New katykloud9 5 day(s) ago 3103 MoonFields 5 day(s) ago
[Solved] Furniture i bought invisible attach_img New Rosesandstars8 5 day(s) ago 143 MoonFields 5 day(s) ago
[Solved] Basic instructions New arrival post ablasnek 2020-9-10 189 Villiana 2020-9-10 20:59
[Solved] Help decorating house New arrival post lucyhd 2020-9-7 283 buzzybuttercup 2020-9-7 22:31
[Solved] Where to get clothes? New arrival post DeathSquad 2020-9-7 188 Villiana 2020-9-7 19:59
[Solved] cannot access the game New arrival post drxgonfly 2020-9-3 6184 plainity 2020-9-4 10:37
[Solved] whats [Read permissions 100]? electrospider78 2020-9-3 173 Villiana 2020-9-3 20:03
[Solved] Lost Credits Solariopa 2020-8-31 15123 TheCuriousSeed 2020-9-2 18:27
[Solved] 2.0 doesn't have all the skin tone options that 1.0 has electrospider78 2020-8-30 393 TheCuriousSeed 2020-8-31 06:08
[Solved] Abnormal Login Serendipity129 2020-8-30 586 Serendipity129 2020-8-30 19:41
[Solved] how to get contribution? and what is it.  ...2 electrospider78 2020-8-27 15189 buzzybuttercup 2020-8-29 22:50
[Solved] Server not found New arrival post attach_img booju410 2020-8-20 3121 booju410 2020-8-25 11:32
[Solved] Why won't the stores load for me New arrival post Splatoongal 2020-8-21 161 juno30 2020-8-21 10:16
[Solved] Are memes allowed on the forums? ♥foxheart♥ 2020-8-18 145 Jasper 2020-8-18 18:29
[Solved] stuck in the create a fairy New arrival post Tiffbu 2020-8-14 7127 Tiffbu 2020-8-14 23:46
[Solved] Some places won’t work? New arrival post RaesCrow 2020-8-11 1132 Jasper 2020-8-11 21:49
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