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Moondust. [Favorites] [Copy] [Share] [RSS] Underworld.

flowers freshly cut and wrapped in newspaper,

that’s how I want to rest, my dreams

like white petals absorbing ink.
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MoonChildPotter 2018-9-26 18:47
moondust: Thank you so much! I'm also in awe with your page. Wonderful music. ^^
Awww your words are very kind. Thank you!
MoonChildPotter 2018-9-25 19:03
Lovely page! Love your tidbit ♥
~ XO Moon
Cookies 2018-3-3 16:38
moondust: You're most welcome! Oh, mine as well. I love the galaxy. *-*
Yeah, it's just so relaxing and calming
Cookies 2018-3-3 04:18
moondust: Thank you, sweets! However, it is nothing compared to your beautiful "starry night sky" theme. It's so enchanting. ♡
You're welcomee, and thank you very much! Stars are one of my favorites ^-^
Cookies 2018-3-2 17:56
Your page is ughhhh <3 I love it so much
Butterflies 2018-2-27 22:19
moondust: Aw, thank you so much! I adore the butterflies on yours. ^^
Thank you!<3
Butterflies 2018-2-23 23:51
I love your page it is absolutely stunning!<3
anastasia-lock 2017-8-22 11:40
moondust: Thank you so much! I love the atmosphere of your page, and the music is A++.
Thank you! <3 <3
anastasia-lock 2017-8-22 11:12
Your page is literally so pretty! <3
sunrise 2017-7-30 18:28
moondust: Thank you. I found the image on Pinterest, so I have no idea. :c
Oh, ok! ^_^
sunrise 2017-7-29 01:31
Hi! Your avatar is beautiful! Who's the person in it?
catcatherine 2017-5-3 10:41
moondust: This poke war is endless~! c;
Ik ^-^
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