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ᗰOOSIᑕ ♡
  • Getting a car sometime tomorrow and it'll be registered under MY NAME and I am so flipping excited! I can't wait!   Reply
  • Sorry guys! I haven't been able to hop on here! This break of mine has been super busy! Reply
  • So I've been home now for a week and it's been SO STRESSFUL.. Never thought I could endure this much stress at home but whatever. I have to walk to Circle K sometime but that requires effort. D: Reply
  • So the past 2 days have been absolutely terrible with so much going on including finals and I feel like I'm going to pull my hair out because of it. D: Reply
  • So I've been insanely busy with school finals, paying tuition as well as other fees, and just getting around campus more so I haven't been on too much. I will post updates daily when I can ♡ Reply
  • Finally got all the makeup I ordered and OH MY LORD IS IT AMAZING! I love makeup so much even if I don't wear it too much anymore! :P I got the ABH Subculture, Prism, and Modern Renaissance pallets!♡ ... Reply
  • So um.... *cough* my obsession with GHOST ADVENTURES is getting much worse :') I have so many memes, pictures, and gifs of the crew :)))) Reply
  • So today could've gone better because my tattoo is like... burning..... and I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO and because my ex keeps trying to message me :))) Reply
My Absence 2018-08-14
Howdy y'all! I'm sorry for my absence on Fairyabc :( A lot has happened the past few months and I've been under an insane amount of stress and my PTSD ...
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Insanely busy! 2018-02-22
Howdy y'all! Sorry I haven't been on at all!! I had something happen on Jan 6th and I've been insanely busy since then! Doctor appointments after doct ...
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Christmas break! 2017-12-09
So I finally get to go home tomorrow (12/10/17) and I'm so happy because I can play video games, relax, and stop stressing over school! Plus Christmas ...
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Tattoo/Brother 2017-12-04
So it's been a week and 2 days since I got my memorial piece done and even though the healing process sucks it looks so good and I'm IN LOVE with it. ...
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Friends/Life/College 2017-12-04
p1. So being the worlds most AVERAGE college student and realizing who her friends actually are I can easily say that I AM AMAZED to see all the peopl ...
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New love - Music wise 2017-12-03
So, I found something not too long ago through someones profile on here and I HAD to listen to it because it was so unique and catchy and now um... I ...
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Butterflies 2018-11-17 13:47
Tinkeresa: BTS Mainly honestly.
Butterflies 2018-9-3 12:24
What kpop groups do you listen too?
MidnightEscape 2018-1-16 21:28
Tinkeresa: Thank you! :) I love it too! I listen to it all the time on a playlist I created on Youtube! :)
MidnightEscape 2018-1-16 19:07
I LOVE the music on your page  
beanytomo 2018-1-14 18:27
Tinkeresa: I seriously love your profile!! Holy WOW!
Omg thank you so much!!
Shiloh-chan 2018-1-14 17:17
Tinkeresa : Oh also I like your wall too! and I see that pocky! >-> I want it Why Thank you^^;.. Don't worry I bought it in bulk for everyone~ (well not really.. if you catch my drift..      ) Anyhow .. Here ya go!*tosses a box** Savor it. You may never know when you'll be magically teleported to Deserted Island with no sustenance. Sayonara~ ...
Shiloh-chan 2018-1-14 09:00
Creative wall .. I like it ^^ I hope you have a good day~
beanytomo 2018-1-14 01:34
Ghost adventures!!
Lorry 2017-12-10 21:35
your new page!! i love it! i got a real spoop when jimin's voice started screaming from my laptop because my volume was all the way up ahahaha.
Cookies 2017-12-10 18:09
I LOVE YOUR NEW PAGE LAYOUT <3 also, the bts songs are poppin ;)
XxDawnxX 2017-12-10 01:54
i used to watch ghost adventures so long ago. gotta love the look of super tight shirts and baggy pants
Declan 2017-12-9 02:48
I see you change you page - cool.  I use to watch Ghost Adventures - I haven't been able to watch them lately - doesn't work in my schedule
Declan 2017-12-9 02:44
Tinkeresa: Hi there, aha. :P
Hey, how's it going?
SkellyQueen 2017-12-7 23:47
Tinkeresa: AYE NICE PIC FROM IMVU ;) - IMVU is my fave
Nice <3 This is my creation her name is Yami. Love making new outfits
dreamingangel 2017-12-7 22:56
Tinkeresa: Holy wow! Your page is beautiful! I love the background(s) and such! :)
Thank you so much! ^-^ Your profile is so beautiful, also Luv!
Lorry 2017-12-4 02:55
Tinkeresa: SooOoooOOo uhhh I changed my profile again. <3 :)))
i love the snow!! i love how festive it is. i'd change mine but that's so much work smh.
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