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  • DescriptionHi! I'm a young girl who has bunches of crushes on guys who are WAY older than me :) I don't care at all tho hehe. I'm also insanely obsessed with K-Pop!! ♥ I especially love BTS! :33
  • Hobbies✧ Rapping
    ✧ Shopping!
    ✧ Putting on makeup
    ✧ Playing FairyABC
    ✧ Playing Star Stable
    ✧ Playing MovieStarPlanet
    ✧ Listening to music
    ✧ Obsessing over BTS
    ✧ Watching music videos
    ✧ Fangirling
    ✧ Dying
    ✧ Screaming/squealing
    ✧ Watching YouTube

    AMAZING people:
    ✧ Jasper ♥♥
    ✧ Disneygirlygirl (Hope Littlewings)
    ✧ Fungirl99000 (Grace)
    ✧ WinterSparkle (Crystal)
    ✧ LooneyTunes♥ (Luna)
    ✧ Monkeydude111 (Fungirl99000's bro)
    ✧ Ilikepandas111 (Fungirl99000's other bro)
    ✧ Cookies (Gardenia)

    ✧ Arrived: 2017-8-26

    ✧ I'm also learning Korean...

    ✧Taurus ♉

    ✧ Birthday: April 27th, 2005

    ✧ Old username: #1Skormfan

    ✧ Weird fact: I hate soda (Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, etc.) :)
    I also hate candy :D unless it's Snickers ;) I cry when I see cute people/things

    ✧ Pet Peeves: Bad grammar, oldies music, when you're drinking water, then you tilt the cup, and the ice comes flying down and attacks your face, hard slime, when people do things they're too young for.

    ✧ K-Pop biases/bias wreckers:

    BTS biases - Jimin, RM

    EXO bias - Baekhyun
    Bias wrecker - Chanyeol

    BLACKPINK bias - Lisa
    Bias wrecker - Jennie

    GOT7 bias - Jinyoung
    Bias wrecker - Mark

    Red Velvet bias - Irene
    Bias wrecker - Yeri

    Seventeen bias - Woozi
    Bias wrecker - Hoshi

    ASTRO bias - Sanha
    Bias wrecker - MJ

    WINNER bias - Jinu/Jinwoo
    Bias wrecker - Mino

    I like lots of other K-Pop groups too ;)
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentMusic talent

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EmmaB4848 6 day(s) ago
yesssss rm for the winnnnn bias twins
EmmaB4848 6 day(s) ago
your music box is ALL BOPS
amethystdayglow 2018-9-16 07:51 PM
hElp i'm becoming obsessed with kpop xD jimin is my bias too : 0
NovaWyvern 2018-9-14 06:05 PM
Your playlist is topnotch  
disneygirlygirl 2018-9-3 08:43 PM
where did you find ur gifs? XD
RaeCollins 2018-8-19 08:19 PM
MidnightEscape: Lol your username is my teacher's name at School
LavenderAlice 2018-8-19 10:04 AM
Omg Epiphany!!
LovelyRae 2018-8-18 02:54 PM
your music list is daebak!
smallapple403 2018-8-8 08:47 PM
MidnightEscape: I LOVE YOUR MUSIC *0* <3
aww tysmm that means a lot <33
WinterSparkle 2018-8-4 08:10 PM
MidnightEscape: YAY XD
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