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  • I made my prof pic Sora and Roxas because they were so cute! (it doesnt match the bangtan but who cares) (there's also a tiny sora on the very bottom of my page) Reply
  • Also I just figured out you can size images IN the actual box wow talk about a lifesaver I was actually editting Reply
  • Page is updates. It took way too long to do. But I love it! It's "bangtan boyfriend" I hope you find it aesthetically pleasing, they're supposed to be "boyfriend" pics ;) Reply
  • I'm still overthinking on how I want to do my page...hhhnnnngg ITS NOT THAT HARD BUT HERE I AM Reply
  • Ok so I found a bunch of pretty BTS pics and I wanna make my page "bangtan boyfriend" BUT LIKE I got my final fantasy boyfriends Reply
  • I kinda wanna change my page and be all nice and pretty buuuut I also really like this soooo idkkk Reply
  • Happy 700 visitors to me! Reply
  • (its staying like this) Reply
  • Ok so I said I was gonna change my page to be BTS member theme for a month buuuuut yea I'm still on my Final Fantasy high soooo Reply
  • Is it just me or does it feel like it's not Christmas? Reply
  • 666 visits >.> spooooooky Reply
  • I'm almost at 666 visitors, who will be the lucky victim  Reply
  • Anotha one! 12 Days of Outfits Days 5-8 are now posted! Check it out  Reply

  • websitehttp://
  • DescriptionHeyo! I'm Bean, also known as Margo on here. I'm old.. just trying to reminisce the good ol' days and make some new friends :) I'm just trying to make way through the world...
    Goal: Survive the semester of hecc
  • Hobbies-I dabble in art
    -hanging with my besties ♥
    -cosplaying and making cosplays
    -binge watching shows
    -YouTube marathons
    -drinking too much pop
    -eating too much chocolate and cereal
    -avid soup lover
    -camping with my fam
    -trying to actually get a good college gpa (rip)
    -jamming to good tunes
    -dancing like an idiot and screaming song lyrics
    -going to concerts
    -making bad decisions
    -getting into shenanigans
    -being the biggest Kpop nerd out there
    -loving idols unconditionally
    -having too many celebrity crushes
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentFrost talent

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PixieDelRey Yesterday 22:22
i miss u
ali_berry16 Yesterday 00:35
o wow this is new
looks great 10/10 I see that kpop aesthetic even tho I know nothing about kpop?
Jazzy 3 day(s) ago
beanytomo: jazzzzzzzyyy
Dresses24 4 day(s) ago
beanytomo: pretty page!
ahh asddfghjjkl tysm <333
disneygirlygirl 4 day(s) ago
beanytomo: I love your background!
thank you!  
Fungirl99000 4 day(s) ago
beanytomo: Like the new page! I love star wars!
Thanks! I lovveeeee it too XD
#1Skormfan 4 day(s) ago
beanytomo: Ah thank you so much!!
LooneyTunes♥ 4 day(s) ago
Marggy u were my 600th visitor LOL THANKS BABE <33333
MoonFields 4 day(s) ago
| I loooveeee this page~ O3O
Tinkeresa 4 day(s) ago
beanytomo: Omg thank you so much!!
You're absolutely welcome! :)
#1Skormfan 5 day(s) ago
Tinkeresa 5 day(s) ago
I seriously love your profile!! Holy WOW!
Kei 5 day(s) ago
My eyes are blessed when I scroll this page.
Thank you.
ali_berry16 5 day(s) ago
beanytomo: ooh new look
o yes
Jasper 5 day(s) ago
OMG I love this new page gorl
juno30 5 day(s) ago
beanytomo: Your header is so cute!
aw ty !! ur page is so cute <33
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