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Fairyabc Rules

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Fzrasu Post time 2017-9-20 21:39:31 | Show all posts |Read mode

Fairyabc serves to provide a safe, secure and family friendly environment for all ages to share and discover their love for Pixie Hollow, through images, videos and discussion.

A constructive, respectful and welcoming approach is required from all members at all times, among in-game conversations, forum posts and private messages.

Please remember each member is responsible for only his or her own actions. If another member breaks rules, you may ignore them or report the problem to the moderators, but you may not use it as an excuse to break rules yourself.

Breaking the rule doesn't mean you will be banned/muted for sure, most of the time we just  edit/delete your post or send you a friendly remind message.

The rules are made to protect both regular members and moderators, however, moderators will sometimes make decisions independent of the rules. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rules please Contact Us. Thank you!

1, Forum rules
Please feel free to report any posts you feel contradict our rules by using the "report" feature and the Admin Team will handle them as needed. Please do not reply to these posts yourself.

1.1, Posts to be deleted

Moderators will delete posts in the following cases, some of them might get moved to recycle bin forum, others get deleted immediately.
  • 1.1.1, Inappropriate content or profanity (including censored,acronyms and slang).
  • 1.1.2, ALL CAPS, All Caps usually means yelling.
  • 1.1.3, Insult, flame or instigation.
  • 1.1.4, Spam  posts, post that provides no value to the discussion, or a thread that creates nuisance for others are called spamming. This includes but not limited to,, Image macros,, Nothing but memes, Nothing but images,, Nothing but symbols, Nothing but smiles,, Nothing but link to other website, Frivolous and one-word posts, Making the same post many times, Making multiple pointless posts in the same thread, Making numerous posts with no real content,  multi replies continuously, please edit your reply instead of making another one
    (Posts like "cool", "LOL", "I agree", "+1", "this", "me too" "wow"waste everyone's time and will be deleted)
  • 1.1.5, Advertise
  • 1.1.6, personal info or real person pictures, either from you, your friend or from a popular star.
  • 1.1.7, Online Dating
  • 1.1.8, repost entire articles from other sites
  • 1.1.9, Anonymous post to anyother forum outside report center

1.2, Posts to be edited or moved

Moderators will notify thread authors to edit their thread for meaningless titles, thread titles must be a descriptive heading, it must give others a sense of your content. if the post owner refused to edit the tile or if the notification was ignored for more than 7 days,  the thread will be moved to recycle bin forum.

Moderators will move threads that had been posted to wrong forums or sections

2 In-game rules

No text-message blasts or smile blasts, No Trolling, No cheating, No Harassment, No Discrimination, No bullying, No Family Unfriendly messages

3 User information edit

user information contains inappropriate contents or real person information will get notification to change, those who refused to change or ignored the notification for 7 days will get edited with a 30 days mute.

User information including but not limited to username, profile picture(avatar),signature, custom title, Activities, Blogs, Albums, Comments, profile Diy

4, Warnings and mutes

When a member breaks the rules above, a moderator will issue a warning, warnings can either be formal or informal.

A formal warning is issued to forum posts only. Inappropriate, profanity, insult, flame or instigation posts will be issued a formal warning, 3 formal warnings in 30 days will trigger a 30 days mute. A formal warnings expire 30 days after they have been issued.

An informal warning can be issued for any kind of rule breaking, it doesn't trigger mutes and serves only to provide notice about a specific rule or guideline.

Ilegal, insult, flame or instigation messages in private messages or in your user page(space) will trigger 30 days mute.
other kind of inappropriate messages in private messages or in your user page(space) will trigger 7 days mute.

5, thread/post block
  • If a mod/admin believe a thread/post is inappropriate, they might block the thread/post, so others wont be able to read.
  • If someone got banned, Her/his threads and/or posts would get blocked by the system automatically, when the ban was expired, the blocked threads/posts would stay blocked,  admins might be able to unblock the posts but that's a lot of work, its a waste of everyone's time and energy, please be nice and don't get banned.

6, Permanent bans
Permanent bans from the website are only issued for people that cause significant problems.
  • 5.1 Any of those who triggered 7 days mute twice in a month, or triggered 30 days mute twice in a year.
  • 5.2 Spam the forum with tons of meaningless/non-forum related/duplicated/inappropriate messages or posts
  • 5.3 Very inappropriate posts or messages
  • 5.4 Use any hack way to change anything in-game or on forum

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Violet79 Post time 2018-1-20 13:52:43 | Show all posts
If I might inquire, these rules are not very clear in regards to mute//ban hoppings.  Is there a specific set of rules somewhere in regards to such?
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HappyDerp Post time 2017-9-20 22:11:28 | Show all posts
Thank you Su, we've been needing exact clarification for a long time.

Should this be in a separate forum itself, just so players can access it more easily?


I think its ok on the menu, most people would be able to see the rule link.  Post time 2017-9-20 10:27 PM
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amethystdayglow Post time 2017-9-20 22:28:26 | Show all posts
Thank you for making this clear <3
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HappyDerp Post time 2017-9-20 22:28:27 | Show all posts
OK, just saw it, great Su
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secretofmywings Post time 2017-9-20 22:29:48 | Show all posts
thank you very much, suzie!
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Dianano Post time 2017-9-20 22:31:22 | Show all posts
Well said, Fzrasu
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Cookies Post time 2017-9-20 22:48:42 | Show all posts
Thanks for the update, Su!
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Emily Post time 2017-9-20 23:01:03 | Show all posts
Thanks a lot. We did really need a reminder !!!!!
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Torrine Post time 2017-9-20 23:13:00 | Show all posts
Yay! These rules are great and I think they are easier to read than the old ones.
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Jasper Post time 2017-9-20 23:32:28 | Show all posts
Thanks Su

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