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  • HobbiesSleep, Eat, Draw, Reading random articles online, Watching people (I think), Listening to music, Coming up with Ideas, Causing problems, over analyzing stuff and Contemplating about a lot of things.
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentProblem solving talent

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✲´*。.❄ More About Me ❄.。*´✲
Likes: Fancy stuff, Organization, Classical music, Ballet, Thought Provoking Topics, The Smell of Cleaning Products, MBTI/Jungian function theory (even though it's flawed), Perfection, Solitude, Silence, and a lot of subjects.

Dislike: Deep Water, Anxiety, Profanity, Mistakes, Emotional Outburst, Loud Noises, Dirty Things/Places, Clutter, Surprises, People who touch me without permission, and Provocative Mannerism.

Favorite Color: All colors are nice (except neon colors )

Favorite Foods: Pastries, Ice cream, Cake, and Pie, Fruits, and Berries

Favorite Animal: Swan

Favorite Movie/Book Genres: Documentary, Fantasy, Family, Musicals, Adventure, Crime, Mystery, Non-fiction, and Fiction

Favorite Music: Classical, Jazz, Ragtime, Big band, Experimental, Ambiance, Electronic, and Lofi Hip Hop
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Shiloh-chan 2019-9-23 19:55
Nice header you got there .. ^^ flowers hold a lot of symbolism.. and they are pretty,
FloraSeastone 2019-9-3 00:16
Flouve: Sorry I didn't reply earlier but I really like light and airy things or crystals
Sounds nice!
FloraSeastone 2019-8-18 21:52
Fly with you! Your page is really sweet. What kind of fancy stuff do you like?
Rhodon 2019-7-8 02:19
Casidith™ 2018-7-25 20:39
Your page is charming ! ....φ(・∀・*)
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  • If you guys are bored or whatever feel free to visit my DeviantArt via link Reply
  • I feel bad for ignoring this site maybe this time i'll be more active Reply
  • Ah I'm here sorry Reply
  • Profile is fixed! Reply
  • Pardon the profile, it still needs fixing. Reply
  • Maybe I should stick to one theme. Reply
  • I have changed my username Reply
  • I apologize for taking a long time to update my profile. I was planning to change it then I ending up procrastinating. Reply

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