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Bored5437 2017-7-10 02:03
I never did say that your Lapis outfit for the costume contest was amazing, so I'll say it now.
Twas amazing~ <3
AmericanKitty10 2017-7-9 11:21
BrielleLight2: I saw you multiple times today, But lol I'm Ruby, The one who is Lapis Lazuli all the time XD
Nice to meet you!!! I'll have to look out for you in the hollow :)
flutter_butter 2017-7-7 01:00
Congrats on 3rd place! Loved your lapis costume ! Sorry I couldn't make it.
AmericanKitty10 2017-7-6 20:15
BrielleLight2: I found you owo
oh did we meet in the hollow? who's your fairy? :)
Bored5437 2017-7-6 16:16
BrielleLight2: Steven UNIverse owo
Cherrymika 2017-7-6 15:58
BrielleLight2: XD
REVIVED 2017-7-6 15:41
BrielleLight2: W h e n Y o u D o n ' t L i s t e n T o K p o p
itssssssss ok bro u can get into it  
Cherrymika 2017-7-6 15:36
BrielleLight2: c o o l p a g e m 8
Y o u  t o o  m y  d u d e
amethystdayglow 2017-7-6 15:28
Yours is too :)
amethystdayglow 2017-7-6 15:28
BrielleLight2: n i c e p a g e b o i
Thanks! Friends?
Dream 2017-5-23 16:06
* If anyone doesn't know this is my Sister's (BrielleLight / Ruby) Backup account in case she forgets what email her main is on or if she forgets the password to the original *rip grammar* s o y e a h *
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