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Dresses24 2017-4-7 16:27
DaisyTheTinker: I love Toothless, too! :D
hes so cute omggg like huehheheheh ;))
Dresses24 2017-4-3 19:57
DaisyTheTinker: Thank you so much! <3
your so welcomeee <33
btw i love toothless hehh
Dresses24 2017-4-3 18:47
heyyy I love your pagee
pearlcuteshine 2017-4-3 16:45
DaisyTheTinker: No problem! I also miss the pets, ): I also had one of my own. I'm pretty sure that her name was Honey. And I hope so, too! :D I will be over the moon ...
Same i'll be fluttering with glee!!! ;D xD
pearlcuteshine 2017-4-3 16:32
DaisyTheTinker: Aww! Berry is so cute! I also love your page! <3
Aww thanks! I miss berry very much I really hope they add pets back eventually!
pearlcuteshine 2017-4-3 15:25
Aww I love the tinkerbell on your page and omg yes i love this song!!!!! <3
Sabrinaandove❤ 2017-4-3 13:58
DaisyTheTinker: Thank you! You're sweet too! <3
Aww [email protected] So how's it going lovely? ^-^ ❤
Sabrinaandove❤ 2017-4-3 13:54
DaisyTheTinker: Thank you so much! <3 And I love Toothless too! I hope to see you around Pixie Hollow!
Thanks for reading!
Anytime hun! Me to! Aww your'e so sweet!! ^w^ ❤
Sabrinaandove❤ 2017-4-3 12:26
Ey! Welcome to the forums hun!! ^w^ Oh my Toothless I love toothless so much he's so cute like dang he's so kawaii I love your page btw! I am alexa ❤ ^-^ Fly with you!
MissPrensses 2017-3-31 20:35
I LOVE LOVE your avatar!!
Lavender-Marie 2017-3-31 19:21
Welcome to FairyABC! If you ever need help or have questions, feel free to contact me (or any other mod/admin). In order to PM me, simply click my name and click "Send PM" under my profile picture on my page. I hope I can see you in-game :D
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