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anastasia-lock 2018-9-2 12:00
Babydaisylover: Hey sorry that it's been another forever since you sent me this but I felt like checking in today so I finally saw it. I haven't been very interested  ...
Honestly same, fairyabc used to be lit but uh it's alright now i guess, i don't really come in-game anymore, it's just boring for me now.
anastasia-lock 2018-7-5 19:56
Babydaisylover: Hey! Sorry that it's been so long since you posted this, but hey!
Ahahah it's totally fine, oof where you been, i haven't seen you in forever.
anastasia-lock 2018-6-6 17:57
YO <3
zoealexak 2018-5-15 21:16
Omg I love Marina and the Diamonds! Guess what? I'm not a robot, a robot <3
donkeyollie2004 2018-2-16 10:32
i keep forgetting who u are in-game lol
donkeyollie2004 2018-2-7 12:20
LabsNotDabs‚ú® 2017-11-6 21:44
Babydaisylover: Are you still here?
PixieDelRey 2017-11-1 15:12
Babydaisylover: OF COURSE!

did we just become best friends?
PixieDelRey 2017-10-31 16:23
also- happy halloween!
PixieDelRey 2017-10-31 16:23
omggg marina and the diamonds dskjfkdsf are you a fan of her???
secretofmywings 2017-10-9 18:59
that's my favorite marina and the diamonds song <3
Lavender-Marie 2017-9-17 02:28
Welcome to the mod team <3
Villiana 2017-9-6 15:20
Babydaisylover: You're staying, right?
I think so, for now, not sure though.
catcatherine 2017-9-6 08:21
Babydaisylover: Are you staying? I feel like it's only me and Lav staying now...
Eh idk
pearlcuteshine 2017-9-6 01:01
Babydaisylover: Pearl! I'll miss you!
awww i'll miss u too <3
Morgana 2017-9-5 02:23
Babydaisylover: You too?
Yep. Just getting my affairs in order and then I'm gone.
Solariopa 2017-9-3 03:13
Babydaisylover: Just letting you know everyday I remind myself to draw your fairy and every day right after that I procrastinate until the next time I remind myself t ...
No problem! Do take your time! <3
PixieDelRey 2017-9-1 15:06
lol same i love marina. ALSO YES BACK FOR GOOD!
Lavender-Marie 2017-8-31 22:27
Babydaisylover: Are you in band? What do you play? I'm in the Marching Band at my school and we have our first football game tomorrow. And we get to sleep in. 7 am wa ...
I'm a flute in band! And that's funny since I have my first game tomorrow lol
HappyDerp 2017-8-31 21:12
Babydaisylover: I love the new picture, but I'm so used to the other one, LOL. It's kind of like how when I changed mine a while back, the picture I had since the for ...
I know exactly how you feel! When some of my friends change their profile, I have to take a few moments to realize who the person is. I wish I could use the HD version though, won't let me ;-;. Since Stella is also using her 3D edit as a profile (not to mention Vi), I decided to jump on that bandwagon as well! :D

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