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TurtleMuffin 2018-7-27 18:25
I love you
khloerose 2018-4-29 14:50
i love pusheen and i love bea miller! i'd love to know more about you too. :) <3
Pusheen 2017-12-13 14:36
So. I have a boyfriend and we've been dating for a little over 2 months now <3
-Autumn- 2017-7-25 21:15
Pusheen: Hey so I read your post ^-^ it encompasses everything I've been trying to point out for the past while I've been playing <3 love it.
I'm glad you like it! I enjoyed your post as well :) we should definitely chat sometime!
LabsNotDabs‚ú® 2017-7-25 16:34
Pusheen: Haha yes :) also visiting before my job starts tomorrow (though it's only 3 days) :)
Oooh, good luck!
LabsNotDabs‚ú® 2017-7-25 13:41
Pusheen: Vivi the fair fairy <3
Maddie the muse! <3
Welcome back it's been so long! Are you visiting the site for the summer like me? :p
amethystdayglow 2017-7-25 07:48
Yo you're a talent master!
amethystdayglow 2017-7-25 07:39
Pusheen: Ayyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Hoi :)
Pusheen 2017-7-25 01:22
Ok but can people stop shooting off illegal fireworks in neighborhoods and setting things on fire? Because I'm pretty dang terrified of dying before I wake up tomorrow ._.
Pusheen 2017-7-25 01:12
Jk I'm too lazy to get my computer so I'm not coming online tonight
Pusheen 2017-7-25 00:58
Guys go check out my thread please, I really want everyone to learn something from it:
Pusheen 2017-7-25 00:40
I should update my songs. GUESS WHOS COMING ONLINE RN!! Actually probably no one is awake but still.
Catla 2017-7-20 21:47
Cookies 2017-7-18 02:12
Pusheen 2017-7-18 02:03
Remind me to change my page when I get online on the computer lol you'll know I'm on the computer because I'll actually go into the hollow.
Pusheen 2017-7-15 21:47
I can heal other people, but I can't heal myself. This is the great tragedy.
HappyDerp 2017-7-5 20:13
Did you get the job at Sephora?
Pusheen 2017-5-24 14:49
Guys. Guys. Guys. Omg. Okay. Can I just. I applied for Sephora and I REALLY hope I get the job (not like it's my 6 or 7th job I've applied for....) let's just say since I was really sick for 2 years, no one is exactly ecstatic to hire me :P
Pusheen 2017-5-22 18:51
Check out my new blog post <3 I KNOW YOULL ENJOY IT ;D
Pusheen 2017-5-21 16:37
I miss Vi Vi and Riv :(

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