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AshleyWaterLily 2021-3-28 23:49
Hey this is Ashley waterlily I think we use to play a long time ago!! If this is the toadstool I use to play with message me back girl!!
FloraSeastone 2019-2-27 00:30
Torrine: Sorry this is late. It is from the Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force DS game, lol
Oh, haha, I love it! Thanks.  
FloraSeastone 2019-2-18 01:40
Fly with you! I've been jamming to the "Gadget Room" track on your page for the past few minutes now. It sounds like it's from a video game soundtrack. Would you tell me where it's from?
DelicateDeer 2018-11-12 15:28
Welcome back to FairyABC! ♥ (also I legit heard the Long Long Man gif in my head slkfdjkls)
PrincessKawaii 2018-8-25 08:57
Torrine: I'm kinda curious, is the "it's just Loki, deal with it" at the top of the page referring to the ridiculous report about you? The rules are  ...
No, haha I had that ever since I made the whole Loki theme, and yeah it is a sort of a strict rule, but I get why it had to be set.
I've found a way around it though as you can see on my page lel cx
Starreyes 2018-8-19 12:17
Ahaha I love the club penguin pics! They're super funny!
Fizzy 2018-8-11 23:24
Haha ur page is so funny ::D
Twimidna 2018-8-5 09:31
your profile pic is life gary best pengu 10/10
Casidith™ 2018-7-25 12:29
Long Long Maaaaaannn !!! Haha I love him         ・゚・(。>ω<。)・゚・
WingsFlying 2018-7-1 19:49
I think you are light, bright, and sparkly!
smallapple403 2018-6-24 11:17
ooh cute pagee
Dresses24 2018-6-24 10:53
amethystdayglow 2018-6-20 10:04
hey ^^
wanderlust 2018-6-16 04:13
what are ur thots on ready player one >8^I
lunagrace 2018-6-7 15:41
omg your caillou header is amazing
SwordKnight 2018-5-12 00:20
Ur cool
Twili~ 2018-2-17 23:38
Torrine: Project DIVA F and F2nd
F2nd and Future Tone are my favorites!

I've played all the main ones (I've only played the psp ones on an emulator though) and I've found some of my favorite VOCALOID songs from those games!
Twili~ 2018-2-17 16:44
Torrine: Yep!
Yayyyy! It's so awesome to find another Project Diva/Vocaloid Fan!

Which one(s) have you played?
Twili~ 2018-2-16 18:12
I saw your little game quiz thing, and I saw that you put Project Diva on there.
Have you played it? It's one of my favorite games <3
Cookies 2018-2-14 23:32

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