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French Homework
2017-10-17 19:48
My French homework tonight was to translate this song:
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Awkward PE Experience
2017-10-10 23:50
Today in PE I was walking around the field like we do every Tuesday, when this girl randomly comes up to me, wraps her arm around mine, and hugs me. She's all like "I LOVE U HONEY" and I am surprised. This continues for about a minute until I finally wriggle my arm away from hers and get away. She t ...
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Warrior cat names for your fairy
2017-8-13 10:54
Oakheart Rainflower Moonflower Fireheart Firestar Sunstar Thunderstar Brightheart Mistyfoot Oakstar Mistystar Brightsky Ivystar Lilyflower Riverstar Windstar Tiny
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Easy Halloween Costumes
2017-8-13 06:06
I know it's August and it's a little early for this... but I wanted to make this. 1-BEYBLADER (yeah I'm into Beyblade) Materials: Hoodie, jacket, or vest (any color, preferably a darker one) T-Shirt with basic design (goes with top layer) Pants/shorts (NOT like these:https://slimages.macysass ...
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The Closing of Pixie Hollow-From a Fairy's Perspective
2017-8-7 06:39
I woke up, yawning, as I stretched my arms above my head, ready for a long day, not knowing it would end early. I got dressed in my plain black garb, and flew straight to work. I was a flower talent, and my job was to catch blowing petals in the wind. I had no coworkers because I didn't need them. ...
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CRINGE! My Miiverse posts from the 3rd Grade
2017-7-26 01:07
I have been a member of Miiverse since November 8, 2013. I have had 3 accounts since then. This was my first account I had in the third grade: I was quite cringy back then. I wasn't cringy in the 4th and 5th grade though, because my Miivers ...
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This Miiverse User Was a Genius, but was Sadly Falsely Banned by the Evil Miiver
2017-7-26 00:54
It is 2014. Tomodachi Life is a popular game, and on Miiverse, people are sharing funny stories. Some of these stories tell that they got their parents to marry on the game, but ended up having a weird non-existent baby, or, even weirder, their parents hooking up with one of their friends, favorite ...
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