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The Closing of Pixie Hollow-From a Fairy's Perspective

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I woke up, yawning, as I stretched my arms above my head, ready for a long day, not knowing it would end early. I got dressed in my plain black garb, and flew straight to work. I was a flower talent, and my job was to catch blowing petals in the wind. I had no coworkers because I didn't need them. And though I was only paid 82 buttercup petals a week I felt like I worked my way to get it. Anyway, when I got to work, Rosetta shoved me away from the entrance. "There is no work today, sweetheart," she said in a sassy tone, then flew away. I was baffled as to why, but I just flew to Havendish for my day off.

Havendish was a wreck. Pixies donned their arrival day outfits as they said they wanted to "leave as they came." I was also baffled by this, but I decided to join the crowned and put mine on too. Then, I flew straight to the Never Council's office. I had some questions to ask my counselor, Sweet Pea. 

Sweet Pea did not want to disclose the answers to me. She said that they just let everyone in the Hollow know that on this day they would all just go away, like "poof!" She did a little thing with her hands. Then, I remembered the letter--though I just thought it was a trick so I threw it out. But if this was really how it would be, I decided to leave the Hollow as fast as I could. 

Turns out, almost all of the other fairies had the same idea as me. When I was flying away, I saw that some fairies were going to stay. They would go to their houses and panic. But I took my mind off them, and head straight for a strange island filled with flightless birds that I heard was supposed to be fun for us fairies. 

Sometimes, one of the millions of fairies that left the Hollow will go back. And I've heard the others didn't really disappear. They've actually been living a life of luxury. I've been a loner since the penguin island's government corrupted, living in trees across the world. But sometimes, I consider going back to Pixie Hollow.

i don't care





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Reply j891 2017-8-7 18:20
i`m just going to describe this story in one word: WOW

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