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  • Having issues with my laptop’s graphics and it’s just too hard to fix. Oof. Reply
  • Just realized I DID NOT mention this crush in any of my old activities—oof. I wasn’t really active on here when I first began to like him. I really need to be more active but I’ve been... Reply
  • I can barely even comprehend that he feels the same—it feels like a wonderful dream Reply
  • So umm... BIG UPDATE TIME You know the crush I’ve mentioned in so many of my previous activity logs? Well, yesterday, I told him that I like him , and HE LIKES ME BACK!!!! Reply
  • I'm going to go to Disneyland on Wednesday with the person I've had a crush on for almost 2 years... none of my other friends are going and I'M SO EXCITED AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH Reply
  • Recently (by recently I mean since like October) I've been super into Yu-Gi-Oh and have not been active on here very much... lol. I <3 Thiefshipping, Violetshipping, Puzzleshipping, and Shrimpshipping ... Reply
  • I was playing Mario Kart with one of my friends the other day and he just announced "Hey, I think Link is hot" At least I know why he always plays as him Reply
  • Activities are back? Yay! Reply
  • Wade was so busy making out with his new girlfriend that they forgot to put a Rush song in Ready Player One Reply
  • I want to rip my hair out rn Reply
  • Note: The PS3 HDN game's only redeeming quality is the OST :) Reply
  • I HATE THE PS3 VERSION OF HYPERDIMENSION NEPTUNIA! That's why I'm so happy I'm getting the PS Vita version! Reply
  • I just made some bread in my head Reply
  • My school plays this music playlist every day during lunch, but they never shuffle it, so whenever the bell rings and we all walk back to class, All Star plays Reply
French Homework 2017-10-17
My French homework tonight was to translate this song:
(333) Views|(2) Comments
Awkward PE Experience 2017-10-10
Today in PE I was walking around the field like we do every Tuesday, when this girl randomly comes up to me, wraps her arm around mine, and hugs me. S ...
(345) Views|(1) Comments
Warrior cat names for your fairy 2017-08-13
Oakheart Rainflower Moonflower Fireheart Firestar Sunstar Thunderstar Brightheart Mistyfoot Oakstar Mistystar Brightsky Ivystar Lilyflow ...
(374) Views|(0) Comments
Easy Halloween Costumes 2017-08-13
I know it's August and it's a little early for this... but I wanted to make this. 1-BEYBLADER (yeah I'm into Beyblade) Materials: Hoodie, jacket, ...
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The Closing of Pixie Hollow-From a Fairy's Perspective 2017-08-07
I woke up, yawning, as I stretched my arms above my head, ready for a long day, not knowing it would end early. I got dressed in my plain black garb, ...
(372) Views|(1) Comments
CRINGE! My Miiverse posts from the 3rd Grade 2017-07-26
I have been a member of Miiverse since November 8, 2013. I have had 3 accounts since then. This was my first account I had in the third grade: ht ...
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