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StarNova11 2018-2-6 19:14
OMG I love ur page. The friesian horses in the background are beautiful! I love ur avatar too!
Fuffeedoo1 2017-8-6 14:38
Love your page!
Catla 2017-7-24 13:11
noice page ^^
chloe_layers 2017-5-10 03:49
heyy i like the new page!
Lavender-Marie 2017-4-22 16:56
MissPrensses: Thank you! You will never guess who I got it from XD
Lol i know xD
Lavender-Marie 2017-4-22 01:48
I like your new theme! :P
smallapple403 2017-4-18 09:24
MissPrensses: Im good, you?
Ima goood lol just a lil tired as usual XDD
smallapple403 2017-4-18 07:41
MissPrensses: lol
anyways lol how are ya? :D
AmberWondermist 2017-4-17 10:42
MissPrensses: awesome page!
Thanks :3
smallapple403 2017-4-17 09:00
MissPrensses: Im not Juniper XD
OMGG sry wrong person wahhh lol it's oka I hate myself too lol
Dewdropcx 2017-4-16 08:59
MissPrensses: Cool page!
Thanks ;)
BlushMonkey112 2017-4-15 15:05
MissPrensses: Did you understand the steps for the gifs?
YES YES YES Ty so much <333
StellaŠÉ¶ 2017-4-15 13:27
MissPrensses: Do you watch Winx Club? I can't tell if that is Stella on the show or not XD. I also saw your signature. If you do watch it, I do too!
Yas I do xD  It's Juniper btw and this Stella - the original from the original PH was meant to be Stella from Winx c:
Lavender-Marie 2017-4-14 18:37
Snazzy new page
Catla 2017-4-14 17:12
MissPrensses: Is it safe to say you are a fan of Steven Universe? :P
You could say that
Daisygarden 2017-4-14 15:54
MissPrensses: -shakes head in disappointment-
XDDD Different tastes, I guess? XD
BeckPrillaBess 2017-4-14 14:04
Ok, you need to show me how you did this!!!!!
Daisygarden 2017-4-14 10:00
MissPrensses: The Flash may be cuter, but The Arrow is Handsomer XD There is a difference :P
Ehhhh, true but.... I don't like like Arrow. XDDD
Daisygarden 2017-4-14 08:07
MissPrensses: Just wait until my avatar pops up XD
Oh, I see your avatar on your profile page! XDDD IT'S THE FLASH!!! (cue spam exclamation marks) And of course, Arrow. But the Flash is cuter, nicer, and did I mention... cuter? XD
Daisygarden 2017-4-13 22:00
Ahem. I meant to say, YOUR PAGE ROCKS, JUST LOOK AT BARRY! XD OOPS, gave away his identity. XD

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