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MoonChildPotter 2018-6-5 23:50
BlushBunny: Although, the version of the song you have on your space reminds me of 2013 because I remember hearing that song on my old computer :P I used to like  ...
It's been a while since I heard tho original. I do love Mitchel and Emily :3
~ XO Moon
MoonChildPotter 2018-6-5 18:03
I had to because If I Didn't Have You, I just wish they kept the lin ...
Bahahaha!!!! I totally forgot about that part. And thank you so much!
~ XO Moon
pixieroyale 2018-5-19 03:26
cute page!!
PrincessKawaii 2018-5-4 04:41
BlushBunny: Nice page <3
O thanks, not sure I've replied ;)
StarNova11 2018-5-2 22:00
Thanks for visiting my space!
Cookies 2018-4-29 14:45
Your page is so cute >.<
PrincessKawaii 2018-4-29 13:25
BlushBunny: Nice page <3
Thanks o3o
WinterSparkle 2018-4-27 23:55
BlushBunny: Thank you very much <3
You're welcome! :)
WinterSparkle 2018-4-27 23:04
Omg, your page is sooooo cute!!!!
hazelnostalgia 2018-4-26 17:18
Awesome username change!
SAIL0RSATURN 2018-4-20 06:08
BrielleLight: YES
fluttershy and rainbowdash are my all time favs xdd
SAIL0RSATURN 2018-4-13 03:06
mochimicho 2018-4-2 22:04
BrielleLight: I've actually heard 3 of the songs from this playlist.
Nice page ^^
thanks, mate; I'm trying! Also, it's nice to hear that people don't just mute the songs when they view my page, lol
PinkDiamond 2018-4-2 16:47
BrielleLight: I don't need my face on t-shirts, or hit a power-chord guitar.
They were screamin' my name, I guess it's a shame, but I don't need to be a rock star.  ...
No, I ain't got rhythm, I said I ain't got rhythm. I ain't got rhythm. I ain't got rhythm
PinkDiamond 2018-4-2 16:30
BrielleLight: &quot;You're kidding me right? Y-your kidding me, Don't you see what you were doing right then? That's a wicked groove you were starting to move, Mist ...
I think perhaps that you're not listening. I find it tedious to repeat. Its no big crime, I just can't keep time. I'm telling you I lost the beat
PinkDiamond 2018-4-2 16:14
BrielleLight: &quot;Look, I got a sweet deal goin' on here, I got all the books that I can read.
All these sweet old ladies, and this carpet from the 80s. What more ...
"Besides, I ain't got rhythm. No, I ain't got rhythm. I said I ain't got rhythm, I ain't got rhythm"
PinkDiamond 2018-4-2 15:13
BrielleLight: &quot;I have no idea what you're talking about, I have as much rhythm as that chair.&quot;
"What happened to me was a tragedy, but I don't have to be a millionaire"
PinkDiamond 2018-4-1 22:14
BrielleLight: Oi, nice page so far >w<
(Hehe, your user totally &quot;doesn't&quot; remind me of Pink Diamond from Steven Universe OwO)
Thank you! And I have noooooo idea what you're talking about! Haha xD
Cookies 2018-3-31 06:08
BrielleLight: No problem!
Huh, Is that so? How interesting. ^-^
Cookies 2018-3-30 17:02
BrielleLight: Cool page!
Thanks ^^
YOUR PAGE IS GREAT it reminds me of a friend because she has the same interests as you xD

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