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babyhusky 2018-5-12 10:44
Okay The episode of steven universe a single pale rose killed it who would have thought that rose quartz was pink diamond?!
BlushBunny 2018-4-2 16:35
PinkDiamond: I think perhaps that you're not listening. I find it tedious to repeat. Its no big crime, I just can't keep time. I'm telling you I lost the beat
I don't need my face on t-shirts, or hit a power-chord guitar.
They were screamin' my name, I guess it's a shame, but I don't need to be a rock star. Besides, I ain't got rhythym.
BlushBunny 2018-4-2 16:23
PinkDiamond: "Besides, I ain't got rhythm. No, I ain't got rhythm. I said I ain't got rhythm, I ain't got rhythm"
"You're kidding me right? Y-your kidding me, Don't you see what you were doing right then? That's a wicked groove you were starting to move, Mister you've got rhythm times ten."
BlushBunny 2018-4-2 16:06
PinkDiamond: "What happened to me was a tragedy, but I don't have to be a millionaire"
"Look, I got a sweet deal goin' on here, I got all the books that I can read.
All these sweet old ladies, and this carpet from the 80s. What more could a librarian need?"
BlushBunny 2018-4-2 00:46
PinkDiamond: Thank you! And I have noooooo idea what you're talking about! Haha xD
"I have no idea what you're talking about, I have as much rhythm as that chair."
BlushBunny 2018-4-1 15:14
Oi, nice page so far >w<
(Hehe, your user totally "doesn't" remind me of Pink Diamond from Steven Universe OwO)
Butterflies 2018-3-29 23:28
PinkDiamond: Thanks! :)
No problem<3
Butterflies 2018-3-29 23:17
I love your profile picture! It's soo sparkly!
PinkDiamond 2018-1-24 23:54
Thanks Jasper. :)
Jasper 2018-1-24 22:21
Hi I'm Jasper, welcome to FairyABC! Feel free to ask me if you have any questions. I hope to see you in-game :D
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