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Teresa 2019-4-27 21:02
The background on your page is so pretty!
Shiloh-chan 2018-10-15 15:09
Hey Frost-chan! Idk if ya got my other message on ya guestbook (probably too long..) but I'm just checking up on ya          .. Mmm's everything?! I hope you've been safe n' giving things your all^^ if you ever need a chat come on by.. In my dreams.(jkjk) but hit that message button heh' seeya my Frost-chan! Love ya'sssss!- Shi'
Dresses24 2018-6-25 23:40
Kei: To sum it up...Yona's the princess of a kingdom. One day her father is murdered by Soo-won, the man she's had a crush on since little. Her faithful bo ...
omggg oooooh sounds gucci <3333
Dresses24 2018-6-25 21:44
Kei: Woah, beautiful page you have there! Violet Evergarden made me CRY   
awww omg tysm :')
I love yours just as much hehe <33
Dresses24 2018-6-25 21:44
Kei: Why I'm glad you asked! ; ) The anime's Akatsuki no Yona. I highly recommend reading the manga first <3 And thank you so much! I really appreciate you ...
ooooh yess I'll def check it out ;)
what's it about?
Dresses24 2018-6-25 20:46
Cookies 2018-6-16 21:39
Kei: Also, your page is still looking bomb as always (☞゚ヮ゚)☞
Thaanks Kei!
Cookies 2018-6-16 03:43
wow this page is <3
eleanorpixie 2018-6-13 18:55
Been some time since I've visited your page. This page never bores me <3
Shiloh-chan 2018-6-11 02:53
Just wanted to say.. I love you. I hope we can see each other soon, my adorable lil frost..' I've been caught-up lately in alot of things... I hope you understand^^;, I know I always say this. Anyways just remember I'm "always" thinking about you. Heh' Sleep well         and.. Stay safe my angel,after-all, people are evil. Goodnight kiddo'     S/N: I like that song "Sleep Alone".. its addicting to my ears.. ...
PrincessKawaii 2018-5-16 17:13
Kei: Ah, I love the sound track in The Greatest Showman :')
Ikr I can't stop listening to 'Rewrite The Stars' :D
Shiloh-chan 2018-5-6 04:26
Such a Dazzling Wall! ~ Shi'    
eleanorpixie 2018-5-3 23:44
Kei: Oh my word. You know what's up! I love GhostBlade! <3
Same! The art are so well done it's almost like a perfect hand-drawn Final Fantasy theme <3
Shiloh-chan 2018-3-6 07:53
I LOVE WORD COOKIES(lol..) Such a fun app hah' helps kill time^^ Also lately I've been hooked on to Devils' Line, Boku x inu ss and After the rain       It's fantastix >o< Thank You sooooo much   It's been while since I actually started enjoying anime again..
Shiloh-chan 2018-2-27 08:10
Ohayouu!~ Hahahah' rise and shine Tsukeii-Chan!      Ahhhh' what a beautiful start to the day .. Tea and this beautiful view.. Anyways make sure ya don't fall asleep in class heh' btw I love the layout! Mines is in reconstruction atm haha, anyhow-- I'll catch ya latersss sayonara!Be safe ~ Shi'
Cookies 2018-2-26 17:56
Kei: You're welcome <3 Gotta appreciate the pretty things (^ - ^)┌
You're wonderful lol
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