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LooneyTunes♥ 2018-3-22 02:46
LooneyTunes♥ 2018-3-21 11:52
Blue_Hiraeth: TANK YE BB ILY MOOOOOOORE <333333333333
LooneyTunes♥ 2018-3-20 07:38
-Autumn- 2018-3-18 14:57
Blue_Hiraeth: Ty for checking in it means so much <3 I did have a couple days where my depression seemed to have eased up a pinch and I was hoping it meant maybe I  ...
I'm glad to hear that you found out what was causing you to feel so bad. It can frustrating to be sick and not know why. And that's nice that you got to see your grandparents!! I'm sure they were happy to see you :)

Rosesandstars8 2018-3-18 13:53
Hey abi! Happy birthday!
-Autumn- 2018-3-17 17:21
Hey Abi. I hope you've been feeling better lately <3
flamarrrrrr 2018-3-9 22:44
i see u wit dem star wars albums
LooneyTunes♥ 2018-3-6 20:14
Blue_Hiraeth: Aw ty bb <333 I love the flowers and tiny dancer on yours. I'd cover my IRL walls with those flowers   
LooneyTunes♥ 2018-3-6 00:19
babe, ur page is so relaxing *-*
Jasper 2018-3-6 00:18
Blue_Hiraeth: Ooo I'll have to look those up. Unfortunately I can't use markers on my skin anymore because of my medical issues, something in the ink can trigger th ...
Awww man that's a bummer :( but hey, you get to spread art to other people and that's great <3 In high school, people would always want me to draw on their hands, but that was back when I only used sharpie so RIP them. And YES art can be made with almost anything. I even used to go outside and paint little temporary pictures on blocks of wood with paintbrushes that I'd dip in water. The beauty of art <3
Jasper 2018-3-5 23:56
Blue_Hiraeth: Haha, hey but your signature skillz were amaze like 100/10. Have you ever used prismacolor pencils? They're the only colored pencils I can work with b ...
Oh my gosh - I used to think Sharpie was the best for skin tattoos until I got my set of Uni-Ball Onyx micros. I would describe them as art pens with the price and appearance of regular office pens. They go on skin EXTREMELY smooth, and are spectacular on paper too! Do recommend. And I actually drew in MS Paint with my laptop's mouse pad for probably a little under 10 years. The drawing in this thread: was actually done that way - so I've been drawing with a tablet for a relatively short time. It might not be very good, but it goes to show that fancy tools aren't always necessary.
Jasper 2018-3-5 23:30
Blue_Hiraeth: Pictionary was my initial correlation to! It's also similar to Telestrations which is a really fun group game. Oh no RIP yeah that was where I was str ...
Yeah, I did have to take a step back and not be a show off for 30 minutes and have fun, LOL, just kidding. And yeah I can draw way better IRL than I can on my tablet tbh. I am okay on the tablet, but nothing compares to the control I have on a physical pen and paper. One thing though, is I stink at coloring with colored pencils or markers. That's where digital drawing comes in handy.
Cookies 2018-3-5 23:09
abi, you're literally a sweetheart
Jasper 2018-3-5 23:08
Blue_Hiraeth: It was so much fun! I'd never played it before, at least not that version, I've played a similar IRL game though. It's such a fun idea to make an inte ...
It reminds me of Pictionary, which I've played with my family a bunch. It is well programmed, except for the fact that I can't use my art tablet with it cause the line doesn't stop once you put your pen down. So I'm stuck with using my mouse pad XDD
Rosesandstars8 2018-3-5 22:34
your welcome!
Jasper 2018-3-5 22:19
Blue_Hiraeth: Hi <333 So sorry I had to get off after the drawing game was over, I had so much fun and wish I could've stayed on longer but I had to take meds RIP I ...
I hope so!! That game is so much fun, I am a little addicted to it and I think the others are too. XD And hey it's fine, we all understand <3
Rosesandstars8 2018-3-5 19:09
hope you feel better abi
Jasper 2018-3-5 03:23
Hello my beautiful friend hope you are doing well <3
LooneyTunes♥ 2018-2-27 22:46
Blue_Hiraeth: Well this is my last container of the elemental powder for now so I'm hoping that forces us to figure out something better so we don't have to order m ...
RIP TO THE $$$$$ and NP/ILYM BABE <3
LooneyTunes♥ 2018-2-27 00:08
Blue_Hiraeth: Ugh go kick school's butt okay!? <333 lolol I feel like I'm dying RIP D: oh well though :P Almost through 3 days of this elemental diet though so half ...
o my jeSUS, i cant imagine wt ur going through babe, i legit can't wait till the docs find something 10000x's more better then the elemental diet. AND OOOOF the vertigo thing sounds a w e f u l. My fam still praying for u as always <3 and tbh i told u b4 and i'll tell u again u r a true hero and im VERYY proud to have a frand like u <333333 tank u for existing tbh xD ik it's cheesy but it's tru LOL. Hope ur tum get to feeling normal REAL soon <3333 KEEP ME UPDATED YIGFBEOCS

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