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Nighty 2018-4-30 15:19
Sometimes, I imagine seeing you, running into you in the street, saying sorry before realising it is you, how I would awkwardly say hi, probably blush and all that. You would be surprised, say my name the way you used to, make my heart pick up it’s pace. We would talk, you would pretend all is f ...
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Nighty 2018-4-30 15:16
I yearn for nothing more but to be embraced again. To feel free and happy. To be warmed by the love exuded from my partner, even in moments when I feel cold and empty. The light that used to shine in the dark, the moon that had once shined during my darkest hours. It's gone. ...
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Whoops, I did it again.
Nighty 2017-10-17 07:33
Untitled Dearest fall, look at the mirror and reflect upon yourself; are you happy with the way things are? Maybe it’s for the best. How am I to know if we are doing okay without worrying so much. My hair is falling out just like the leaves on an aging splinted oak tree in such a mannerly ...
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