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Share Just Stella
2018-5-20 23:11
I forgot about Hollow Lore stuff 'cause I had no time for it, and my schedule's getting packed, soooo... not sure if I'll continue those posts. But I did make a nice little story about my fairy. It's more of an introduction than anything else. *** Just Stella Stella can recall the overhead ...
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Share Talents and their Quirks - Part 1
2017-8-1 13:18
Every talent in Pixie Hollow has their little specific quirks, and we're going to explore them. No matter how subtle a talent may seem, all of them are very much important and are required to let the realm of fairies flourish. Stella cracked open many books for this. You may want to grab a snack. ...
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Share A Fairy's Wings and Pixie Dust
2017-7-31 14:10
A Fairy's Wings and Pixie Dust
Wings are delicate and important. Using pixie dust alone is not enough to support the long and arduous tasks that a fairy must endure on a daily basis. While flying without wings as a fairy is most certainly possible, like with most creatures that use pixie dust other than fairies, it runs out faste ...
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