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Talents and their Quirks - Part 1

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Every talent in Pixie Hollow has their little specific quirks, and we're going to explore them. No matter how subtle a talent may seem, all of them are very much important and are required to let the realm of fairies flourish. Stella cracked open many books for this. You may want to grab a snack. This is going to be kinda long, so I cut it in parts.

Animal Talent

Us fairies and sparrow men can communicate with animals... somewhat. Animals on both the Mainland and Neverland have grown acquainted with pixies and can understand the things they say. However, unless you're an Animal fairy, you may tend to misunderstand some of the things that the animals themselves say.

While all fairies can communicate with animals to varying extents, Animal fairies are the only ones who can speak to animals with the animal's native tongue and understand them fully. They are guaranteed to understand everything an animal says and communicate properly in response. Reading the critters like open books, they can grant them solace if they need it. Without Animal Fairies, much of the labor done in Pixie Hollow would be slow, as animals help out a great deal with it. Animals need convincing and caring fairies if they're going to work hard with them, and that's where the importance in the Animal Talent lies. Smelling and hearing are their strongest and most notable senses. If fairies get lost, they know where to look. Butterfly-herding and cricket-whistling are subtalents for this one.

Art Talent

Whether they paint the petals of colorless flowers, on the wings of bugs, or the leaves of nature, Art fairies strive for perfection in their work in Pixie Hollow and the Mainland. Much of the vibrant color and life present in Pixie Hollow is provided by these dedicated fairies. They drive the inspiration in design around Pixie Hollow--rainbow-hued chandeliers and unique, bright flowers are just glimpses of their works of art.

As an Art fairy, you're not only limited to painting. You can glass-bowl and sculpt, too. Designing is one of their biggest jobs.

Kitchen Talent

Many subtalents exist within this one, and baking is definitively one of them. These hard workers practically live in the kitchen, with the exception of cheese-makers and dairy fairies, who transfer their milk and cheese from the barn. In addition to baking, there are bread-buttering fairies, dish washing fairies, ingredient collectors, tea-makers, cheese-makers, dairy fairies, confectioners, and many more very specific jobs. There are many jobs in the kitchens of Pixie Hollow because there's a lot of fairies to feed, of course. Bakers use magic to flip flapcakes, too. Here's a long list of the ingredients and foods that tend to be found in the kitchen and Tearoom:

-Flower flour

-Acorn pancakes/butter



-Honeycomb cake

-Huckleberry jerky/shortcake

-Berry jam

-Poppy-Puff Rolls


-Pumpernickel muffins

-Stuffed Peas

-Boysenberry Rolls

-Buttercup soup

-Sesame chips

-Strawberry Cake

-Silly Sweets (Snow globe, etc.)

-Sliced pickled peas

-Cherry pie

-Chocolate fig cake


-Fairy Flatcakes

-Nutmeg Pie

-Mouse milk/cheese

-Pollen sprinkles

-Pixie Sherbet

-Lemon Meringue Pie

-Water Chestnuts

Talk to a kitchen fairy about meat (it tastes like nasty socks and/or burned brocoli for us fairies, ick) and they may not feel so good for the rest of the day.

Basket-weaving Talent

They do just what the name implies. It may seem very subtle for a talent, but fairies work hard and need baskets to carry everything they need, from a Light fairy's light orbs to a Tinker fairy's tools. Baskets are also used to carry snacks and food from the Tearoom and Dulcie's Kitchen, as working hard in the Hollow requires energy, no doubt. Basket-weaving is an intricate and critical skill. Because it is important for baskets to be well-designed and sturdy, a talent has been given to the skill. Of course, a typical favorite for them to weave is a picnic basket! Grass-weaving is a subtalent.

Shearing Talent

These fairies spend their days shearing caterpillars and other creatures. The fluffy wool is used for soft pillows, cozy sweaters, and other comfortable uses. Caterpillar-shearing is a subtalent.

Bath-drawing Talent

Another subtle talent of sorts, Bath-drawing fairies have a simple job: they gather water from Havendish Stream after being called by a fairy for a bath. Concealed upon the Home Tree are the Bathing Branches--well-hidden branches where a fairy may bathe freely. After gathering the water basket by basket, they heat it up, preferably with the assistance of a Light fairy if one of them isn't busy. As Water fairies are burdened with their own tasks like providing water to the working animals of Pixie Hollow, a talent for providing much-needed bathing came into existence.

Boat-making Talent

Expert boat designers and makers as they are, these fairies make boats for both special occasions and easier travel. Such uses include comfortable and lazy travel to Mainland (pixie dust is used, of course), supply transfer from season to season, and so on. They provide bigger space to transfer items across streams. Since Havendish stream surrounds the Pixie Dust Tree, boats are needed to transfer big items that fairies and even big animals wouldn't be able to carry.

Aphid-wrangling Talent

This job's a bit of a messy one, and since not all Garden fairies like to spend extensive time wrangling these suckers, a talent has been dedicated to the process. Preserving the plants of the Hollow is important, and Aphid-wrangling fairies are the defenders of them. No lice shall be left on a plant with their help.

Carpeting Talent

Making twisty patterns from wood and carving items from it, Carpeting fairies take pride in their aesthetic designs. They've especially worked on the Ballroom's appearance, as well as the typical wooden stairs we see around. The Doorknob talent is a subtalent here, though not all knobs are necessarily made from wood.

Performing Talent

Here are the subtalents in this supertalent: acting, music, singing, dancing, and storytelling. These talents put up beautiful shows and offer other talents the opportunity for a break. When it comes to music, wind instruments are made of trumpet flowers, shell horns, and reed-grass flutes. Percussionists play drums on hollow pumpkins. These fairies are creatively passionate and are perfectionists in pleasing their audience!

Fast-flying Talent

Seemingly faster than the speed of sound, these fairies get a bit more pixie dust for the long flights ahead of them. They are usually competitive with each other, often racing one another. They can make winds to pollinate flowers and can detach leaves for the Fall with their ruthless winds. Their specialized broad wings help them achieve their fast speeds, and they can absorb a bit more pixie dust than the typical set of wings.

Laundry Talent

Laundry fairies hand wash every single piece of fairy clothing in Pixie Hollow. In the higher branches of the Home Tree, filthy clothes are carried from a channel and are organized into baskets. When a clothing piece is washed, Laundry fairies send balloon carriers to take it up into the uppermost branches where breezes can dry them. It's a talent full of hard workers that scrub the clothes to perfection.
Celebration Setup Talent
These fairies obviously love to party and celebrate. Or, at least they love to decorate for upcoming celebrations. Bright banners are happily hung, and performing fairies are thoughtfully organized. When there's no upcoming celebration of sorts, they take to the Tearoom and happily set it up for the busy and hungry fairies. Decoration is a subtalent here.
Chair Talent
Because pixies need comfy chairs to help them through their work or to take a break, Chair fairies are the only ones who can make them properly. It's a long process to make sure that each chair is thoughtfully and carefully made, whether the seat is made of leaves or cotton.
 Dust Talent
Certainly one of the most crucial jobs here, Dust fairies do just as Fairy Gary summarized, "We nurture the dust. Maintain it. Measure it. Package it. And distribute it." Dust fairies carefully ration out the dust of Pixie Hollow for other fairies and other activities. If ya even sneeze near dust while in the Pixie Dust Mill, you're not even a Dust fairy. Boom.

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Reply Torrine 2017-8-15 20:10
I'm a celebration-setup talent :)
Reply PixieDelRey 2017-9-1 15:50
this is so good! i love this! i'm a garden talent, cant wait to see mine!
Reply Flouve 2017-9-23 18:35
I can't wait till you get to problem-solving talents!
Reply FloraSeastone 2017-10-3 20:31
What a great collection and explanation! I am finding myself increasingly grateful for baskets and chairs.

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