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I am Nora, an administrator of this website as most of you already know. But I am here to tell you a few things you may not know about me. My favorite movie is frozen. My favorite color is pink My favorite song is let it go. My favorite fairy is Silvermist. I love to read. I am a techie. I can code a rudimentary game. I first joined pixie hollow in February of 2009, and my first account did not include Nora. I created Nora, Daisy and Daisy all on the same day: August 29 2009. In 2010 I created a fairy named Jade, I do not remember her arrival date. Daisy one was an animal talent, while Daisy two was a tinker. My fairies talents are based off of my hobbies, water because I love ice skating and swimming, tinker because I love computers, animal because I really wanted a cat. I first found out about pixie hollow from my cousin and made an account because it looked cool. I made tons of accounts before Nora, she is the only one I remembered the login to. I had over 360 badges on each account. I was a member. I had quit pixie hollow in spring of 2013, when I came back I discovered my fairies had a month to live. I played pixie hollow every day til its eventual demise. I joined the admin team in spring of 2015. I boycotted disney from 2013-2015, I ended it when fairyabc went live. I started off as an admin for the facebook page, I then migrated to the website. I recreated Nora, most of you now know her as my "normal" look.

i don't care





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Reply Villiana 2017-2-9 16:58
It's wonderful to learn new things about you.<3
Reply Nora 2017-2-22 11:35
Thanks Villiana
Reply Nora 2017-2-22 11:35
Thanks Villiana
Reply Meeso 2017-6-12 03:37
That's some thing cool to know about you and your fairies! <3
Reply Nora 2017-6-12 11:58
Meeso: That's some thing cool to know about you and your fairies! <3
Reply Meeso 2017-6-12 12:26
Nora: Thanks!
You're very welcome <3

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