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Share 8 Oct 2018: Dear Diary
ihaveausername 2018-10-8 19:03
First of all, my terrible gremlin kitty is locked in my room while my mom prepares dinner. He is screaming at the door and needs to be quiet so I can type in peace. Yes, Oliver, this means you (he's standing with his front feet on my computer). In other news, I am actually somehow running out of quo ...
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Share Wow- what a fantastic name!
WingsFlying 2018-10-8 09:11
Let's try that again! Where'd you get your messenger bag? Cool! Hu-LA! Hu-LA! Hu-LA! Just the card I needed! ::sun:: Your name is just like mine!
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Share 6 Oct 2018: Dear Diary
ihaveausername 2018-10-6 16:49
I finally submitted that essay I've been worrying about. Is it good? Not really. But is it done? Yes. I expect to get maybe a C, which is honestly good enough. I'll deal with it. Onto the next concern: the PSAT! Seriously though I'm going to get like a 150 on it and cry. In other news, I spent a cou ...
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Share my new social media website for fairyabc join now!
xmistyx 2018-10-6 11:18
hey guys im back and i missed you because i missed you soooooo much i made a new social media website for the pixies to stay active it not fancy and it is not finished but i like it i really hope you like it to if you want to test it out here is a link :https://kittykind2002.wixsite.com ...
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Share 5 Oct 2018: Dear Diary
ihaveausername 2018-10-5 15:47
Today was pretty cool, I guess. I don't want to talk too much about school in case someone I know happened to find this page- I mean, they'd immediately know it was me by the assignments I've complained about as well as the quotes, but I wouldn't want to talk about people especially- whether I liked ...
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Share 4 Oct 2018: Dear Diary
ihaveausername 2018-10-4 20:48
Our history teacher overworks us. We've got to make a video comparing the Reformation to a modern movement by tomorrow and we have that academic essay due on Sunday. Plus a biology test on Monday, an Algebra quiz on Tuesday, and the PSAT on Wednesday (which I have't studied for at all). Someone save ...
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Share 3 Oct 2018: Dear Diary
ihaveausername 2018-10-3 17:37
I have to write a 4-page academic essay on the Reformation. No websites allowed, just books. I really don't want to do this. Can someone link me to some online books or ebooks I can use that explain the effects of the Reformation on modern day beyond just the new branches of religion? Thanks. In oth ...
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Share 2 Oct 2018: Dear Diary
ihaveausername 2018-10-2 17:46
I've decided the online diary entries need to start today, so start they will. Dear diary, I really don't want to deal with this week. I've got an academic essay on the Reformation due Sunday, another project due Friday, I have to finish writing a children's book about the Constitutiona ...
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Share 2018-09-30
Blue_Hiraeth 2018-10-1 01:01
Giraffe Cat
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Share Am I not allowed to bring up real problems?
ihaveausername 2018-9-30 15:32
I tried to post a blog asking for answers about a user in my friends list who had vanished off the site and who I was worried about. The blog didn't post and I had a loyalty point and a coin deducted. Is this because that topic wasn't deemed family-friendly? I wasn't making fun of anything- goodness ...
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