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Share 17th Birthday Tomorrow <3
zoealexak 2018-11-10 22:32
I don't blog often, but tomorrow (November 11th) is my 17th birthday 3 I'm super excited. Not doing much tomorrow though aside from seeing Bohemian Rhapsody because I already got my presents. My dad bought me a vr headset and my mom took me to see twenty one pilots. This has been one really awesome ...
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Share Spirit Prep Chapter Twenty
Fuffeedoo1 2018-11-10 16:53
Chapter Twenty-Curiosity may require discomfort Since the day I returned from break, I sat at Nora’s table during meals if there’s enough room. We’ve even talked to each other a bit. She takes Human Studies classes and has been very interested in this subject for a while, which p ...
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Share Something to doing
CatMistt 2018-11-10 05:18
Today, I uploaded some poor drawings (bc i think iz ugly ahahahuhu) did some reconstruction in my space, now have a wiki account to accesspixie hollowstories anyways, some kindof personal log and thoughts abtPixie Hollow
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Share Mini Update + Mentoring
Teresa 2018-11-6 13:40
Hey guys! So much has been going on recently, but I haven't posted in forever, and I know some people are wondering. The development is going well, but for certain reasons I can't talk about it, which is why I don't post anymore! However, I have recently started doing classes/mentoring on P ...
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Share Commissions!
tvgirr 2018-11-5 13:01
Hello and welcome to my commission list Commissions are currently : OPEN Prices : $5-$25 Paypal only. Art style choices : - cartoonish - chibi - semi-realistic - digital - traditional What I can draw : - OCs (Original Characters) - avatars - your fairies - pfp - ...
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Share 从丫
NotTheBees 2018-11-1 23:25
刀工厶工丅卂乚 乃乚卂匚长 下卂匚乇 刀工厶工丅卂乚 乃乚卂匚长 下卂匚乇 刀工厶工丅卂乚 乃乚卂匚长 下卂匚乇 刀工厶工丅卂乚 乃乚卂匚长 下卂匚乇 刀工厶工丅卂乚 乃乚卂匚长 下卂匚乇 刀工厶工丅卂乚 乃乚卂匚长 下卂匚乇 刀工厶工丅卂乚 乃乚卂匚长 下卂匚乇 刀工厶工丅卂乚 乃乚卂匚长 下卂匚乇 刀工厶工丅 ...
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Share I'm a country Fairy!!!
CloverTheGoth 2018-10-31 14:50
Well i'm a country fairy! lol I work 4 days a week taking care of farm animals, We have chickens, cows, and 2 horses. I have 25 chickens, They are all so cute when they waddle across the field lol. The 4 cows we have are dairy cows, they're kinda lazy but i love them! One horse is my friend lily's h ...
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Share Spirit Prep Chapter Nineteen
Fuffeedoo1 2018-10-28 16:19
This is the beginning of part 4. Chapter Nineteen-A Shocking Return While many dread reentering school after a break, I have been looking forward to returning for this entire weekend. More than ever now, I seriously want to see if Lucie is still in touch in Margie and how we can rec ...
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Share I can't wait to fly with you all
NiaoCrown 2018-10-27 16:26
Once I figure out how to use the forums correctly lmao ;^^ Total newbie at this stuff
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