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Essay: The New Meadows

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Fly with you! Hope you've been having a great 2020 so far! Nothing too exciting happened to me in the last 12 days but at least it was relaxing. This post will be an essay about my thoughts on the "realm" meadows that were first added in 2017. While some people think they're really beautiful places to fly around in, some don't really like them because they weren't in the original Pixie Hollow. Here is why I don't just like them, but why I think they're one of the best things Pixie Hollow ever added.

My short answer would be, "because they're beautiful and relaxing", but my long answer goes further than that and requires telling a story (I may be a light talent but I do have a love for storytelling). Back when the OG Pixie Hollow was open I wasn't that adventurous. The furthest I ever travelled was the wilderness areas that weren't even that far from Pixie Hollow. Even then I mostly just wanted to go in the Bubbly Bog (the easiest area) and I NEVER wanted to go in the Never Mine alone after struggling with this one challenge. I'd even feel safer in the Bubbly Bog with someone else.

Anyway, I mostly wanted to stay home in my comfort zone and play Pixie Hollow. I even missed a fun school event for this "shop parade" thing me and others were doing.

Then Pixie Hollow shut down. I litterally dedicated so much time to it that it felt like I lost absolutely everything. The first year was very depressing for me because I felt lost and didn't know where to go other than Pixie Hollow, which was gone. Every day I'd go home to do pretty much nothing other than prevent myself from being bored. The second year was a lot better for me because I learned to adapt to life outside of Pixie Hollow. There was still a community, so I wrote fairy stories and posted them. This Pixie Hollow closure thing sort of reminds me of an alternate reality where the Neverbeast never saved Pixie Hollow and the lightning storm obliterated it. So the lost, surviving fairies had to learn to make do with the world outside. I even learned to get more involved with my school's clubs on the mainland.

But when late 2015/2016 came around, it seemed as if the Pixie Hollow community moved on after learning to survive. This left me all alone and because of that, I lost motivation to write fairy stories. I even lost motivation to get involved on the mainland. It was a very depressing year for me.

Finally, I found out a few friendly fairies build a new Pixie Hollow for us to reunite at and feel safe in. I was so tired of being so depressed all the time and I wanted to be happy again, even if that includes stepping out of my comfort zone on the mainland. I'd bravely sit at new cafeteria tables with people I knew to make new friends, and it worked. I went on some amazing adventures that year.

Now I know what you're thinking; "How does this have to do with the new meadows?" Well, at around the time I really started to get more adventurous (spring 2017), Mystical Loft was added. Then we got Rose Island, Mid Night, the Realm and others. It may seem strange that these meadows were added, but visiting those meadows was like leaving Pixie Hollow and exploring all of Neverland, making the game even more vast. I know some people wanted a more exact remake of the OG, but in my opinion, it would be boring if it was just the same, especially if the remake stays for years. Visiting those meadows are optional, but for those that are willing to take a chance, they get to experience more magic and beauty that they didn't discover before. I'm even using those meadows as inspiration for my fantasy stories.

And as for my previously mentioned analogy of Pixie Hollow being destroyed, I like to think of those friendly fairies (the devs) taking a long time and facing many obsticles into rebuilding their homes. So fairies, including the devs, decided to go on adventures that still makes them happy even if their home will take a long time to rebuild.

Nowadays, I consider myself an adventurous person. Back when Pixie Hollow was open, I looked forward to the events and famous fairy visits. But now, I just as much look forward to my mainland adventures. And I feel like the FABC realms are symbolic of that.

Sorry if this essay is a bit all over the place at times. And this is just my opinion from my personal experience. If you still aren't a fan of those new meadows, you don't have to visit them.

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