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[Party] 2020 Pixie Hollow Events

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Fly with you fairies! These events aren't official, I thought it would be fun to reimagine Pixie Hollow's events.

Art Month-January-All of January is about celebrating art. This includes visual art, crafts, music, dance, creative writing and even filming.

Winter Tea Party-1/13 to 19-This is basically the Winter Woods version of the Summer Garden Tea Party and it is hosted by the winter fairies. Tea sets are all over the seasonal reigon with ice tea and ice cream to eat.

Northern Lights Festival-1/20 to 26-Every winter, fairies of all talents help create a gift for humans on the mainland; the Northern Lights. After they're created and delivered, there will be a feast in the ballroom.

Winter Scavenger Hunt-1/27 to 2/2-This year, fairies decided to do a scavenger hunt in the Winter Woods!

Sweet Week-2/3 to 9-Every year the week before the Fairy Friendship Festival is Sweet Week, an event all about baking treats for the upcoming event.

Fairy Friendship Festival-2/10 to 23-The Pixie Hollow equivelant of Valentine's Day is all about celebrating our fairy friends. Meadows are decorated with heart canopy flowers and fairies love to give friendship gifts.

Spring preparation-3/2 to 15-While fairies prepare for spring throughout all of winter, all talents really get into it in the beginning of March. For some reason, some chaos hits the Spring Valley almost every year during this time. From Tink's chaos to the storms that happened a few times to the drought. Luckily, spring is always bought on time (well, except for the ice age). We're also celebrating the pink moon and dreams coming true during this time.

Four Seasons Festival-3/16 to 22-The beginning of spring is celebrated with this equivelent of New Year's Day. Fairies gather in the Fairy Coliseum and watch the different talents from the four seasons show of their skills. I think the light talents will do a colorful light show this year.

Spring Celebration-3/23 to 29-After the hardworking fairies bring spring to the mainland, we all celebrate in the ballroom and Spring Valley. Originally, there was a game where the garden talents would hide a four leaf clover in the valley for fairies to find. But recently, the light fairies started creating rainbows that would hide golden clovers all over the season for fairies to find.

Silly Days-3/30 to 4/5-We all need a little silliness in our lives! It's the perfect time to tell jokes in the Fairy Tale Theatre or to play pranks on friends.

Never Dove Egg Hunt-4/6 to 12-For the Pixie Hollow equivelant of Easter, animal fairies paint pebbles to look like never dove eggs and hide them. This event celebrates spring and the never doves.

Mermaid Party-4/13 to 19-Ever since the mermaids played a prank on Pixie Hollow, Silly Days was somehow all about mermaids. Nowadays, Silly Days and the event that honors the mermaids are seprate. Even though mermaids aren't that friendly to fairies, there are still merfairies in Pixie Hollow to celebrate with us. Queen Eewee, the queen of the mermaids, even opens up Mermaid Grotto.

Nature Days-4/20 to 26-Nature is very important to all beings, especially never fairies. They celebrate the Earth by planting gardens, cleaning up Palm Tree Cove, and recycling old things to make them new again. Nature is very important on the mainland too.

Animal Mother's Day-4/27 to 5/10-The animal mothers work very hard to raise their babies. That's why the animal fairies help honor them and they even like to give them a day off. This leaves us to take care of the baby animals! Animal fairies also like to host parties and give gifts to the animal moms. In fact, the First Flight area in Neverfruit was an Animal Mother's Day gift!

Princess Weeks-5/11 to 24-A big feature of this event is the Princess Games. Rather than a more athletic games event like the Great Games, the Princess Games include singing, sewing, serving tea, saving animals, etc. There may even be a Princess Challenge quest which I plan on writing for this event.

Formally Spring-5/25 to 31-Fairies like to celebrate the end of spring by dressing their best and having dance parties in their homes.

Great Games-6/1 to 14-One of Pixie Hollow's most celebrated events, the Great Games is all about playing games for fun and to help bring in summer (as the talent games are actually fairy tasks). It's also about showing talent spirit and maybe winning a competition.

Garden Tea Party-6/15 to 28-Hosted by the garden talents, this event celebrates the beginning of summer with tea and cake tables in the Summer Glade.

Camp Pixie Dust-6/22 to 9/13-This season long event is based off the mainland summer camps. It includes s'mores, camp crafts, campfire stories, a ballroom pool, camp challenges, talent troop uniforms, fun activities and more! It has always been one of my favorites.

Summer Splash Party-8/3 to 16-During camp, we love to celebrate the summer with a beach party, hosted by the water fairies of course! Every year, they choose a lucky fish to hide in a body of water for fairies to find and tag.

End of Summer Sparkler-8/31 to 9/13-It's difficult to say goodbye to summer. That's why we have the End of Summer Sparkler, hosted by the light talents. They like to decorate meadows with colorful lights.

Changing of the Leaves-9/14 to 20-This is the time of year when the fairies really get into preparing for autumn by painting colorful autumn leaves for the mainland. Tink loves to help out with her inventions for this one.

Purple moon-9/14 to 20-Yes, we're celebrating the purple moon at this same time. It's a time when fairies like to wear purple and dance. It's a celebration of friendship.

Pixie Hollow's Anniversary-9/18 to 22-Not only does it celebrate the twelfth anniversary of the game and (sadly) the seventh anniversary of the closure, this anniversary is a big one. It celebrates the FIFTEENTH anniversary of the beginning of Disney Fairies. Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg was published on September 21 2005. So expect a party all throughout the Hollow.

Autumn Equinox-9/23 to 10/4-With autumn on the mainland, it's time to celebrate the colorful season with the Minister of Autumn!

Berry Harvest Festival-10/5 to 11-This is the time of year when berries keep appearing around Pixie Hollow, especially the Autumn Forest. Fairies harvest them so the baking fairies could make delicious treats and the dying fairies could make new colors.

Animal Masquerade-10/12 to 11/1-The Pixie Hollow equivelant of Halloween is all about celebrating the animals in Pixie Hollow. That's why fairies often like to wear animal masks and costumes for this celebration. Recently, the mainland tradition of trick or treating was brought to Pixie Hollow. The entire Hollow gets decorated with carved pumpkins and gourd lanterns. The best part of this party is that it's for the animal friends as well as the fairies.

Autumn Revelry-11/2 to 15-Every year, fairies celebrate a revelry in the Harvest Prominade for the end of autumn.

Fairy Feast-11/16 to 29-The feast celebrates the end of autumn. Fairies donate food to the cornucopia in the Pumpkin Patch and the kitchen talents prepare soup, cakes and other delicious treats.

Great Winter Light Up-11/30 to 12/20-The point of this event is to give the winter fairies extra light to work extra hard on the preparations for winter. Lanterns and firework sparkles are used to light up the Winter Woods.

Winter Wonderland Party-12/21 to 1/3 2021-And finally, the beginning of winter celebration and the end of a year! Winter fairies like to make it snow in Havendish and the ballroom. And the Minister of Winter opens up her ice palace. Fairies also like to give gifts to friends.

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Our reason is the season!
Paprika Bumblewhisk, Rye Bumblewhisk, Donner Parsleyhill
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hi there  my chat bar in pixie hollow isn't working please fix it
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