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Fly with you Fairies! Remember when famous fairies used to bring gifts? It was mostly the ministers that brought the awesome gifts, but before that famous fairies brought them.

2009 Egg Hunt-Fawn-Camellia Pink Berry Wreath
2009 Nature Days-Kit-The same wreath from the egg hunt
2009 Great Games-Fab 5-Sparkle sashes in the five talent colors
2009 Garden Tea Party-Tink and Rosetta-Never Silver Butterfly Teacup
2009 Summer Splash-Iridessa and Silvermist-Leis in varying colors
Minister of Autumn 2009-Pumpkin Orange Leaf Stack Anklet
2009 Fairy Feast-Sweet Pea and Fawn-Asparagus Green Harvest Cornucopia
Minister of Winter 2009-Crimson Red Berry Wreath
Minister of Spring 2010-Never Gold Vine Headband
Minister of Summer 2010-Candy Blue Studded Seahorse Comb
Minister of Autumn 2010-Never Gold Harvest Garland
Minister of Winter 2010-Frosty Blue Icy Chandelier
Minister of Spring 2011-Sparkling Yellow Mini Everblossom
Minister of Summer 2011-Driftwood Brown Lost Teacup Pool
Minister of Autumn 2011-Pumpkin Orange Pumpkin Lamp
Minister of Winter 2011-Snowflake Blue Sparkling Sleigh
Minister of Spring 2012-Never Gold Clover Topiary
Minister of Summer 2012-Watermellon Pink Summer Lounger
Minister of Autumn 2012-Never Gold Golden Maple Tree
Minister of Winter 2012-Frosty Blue Regal Ice Crown
Minister of Spring 2013-Pewter Gray Rainbow Waterfall
Minister of Summer 2013-Seedling Green Summer Well

It seems like the ministers started bringing more rare and exclusive gifts in 2011.

While the ministers brought the exciting gifts, starting in the summer of 2011, pixie pals and famous fairies started bringing silly sweets. I unfortunatly can't remember all of them but this is what I can remember.

Sports Camp-Coaches-Silly sweets in the five talent colors
2011 Masquerade-Tricksters-Invisibility and White silly sweets
Treaters-Bubble and rainbow glow silly sweets
2012 Sweet Week-Dulcie-Sunflower cupcakes
2012 Silly Days-Silvermist-Bubble silly sweets
Mermaid Party-Sweet Pea-Flower trail silly sweets
Silvermist-Bubble silly sweets
2013 Animal Mother's Day-Pixie pals-Invisibility silly sweets (I think)
2013 Tea Party-Pixie pals-Tea cake and tea drink (I think)

Unfortunatly, that's all the silly sweet gifts I remember. If you remember anything else, don't hesitate to tell me.

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