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Evolution of Fall Events

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Fly with you Fairies! I've been thinking a lot about fall lately (because it's litterally the end of August). So I thought I'd talk about how Pixie Hollow's fall events changed over the years because I just love writing these things.

Pixie Hollow actually opened on the fall equinox back in 2008. The first ever event was in early October, back when the game was still in beta. It was the Berry Harvest Festival. Fairies would earn a free pair of shoes after logging on and they'd earn a badge for gathering ten berries.

Pixie Hollow's first event since the beta end and the first big event was meant to celebrate the release of the first Tinkerbell movie. It was called Tink's Arrival Day Party. If the players find the hidden location (decorated Cottonpuff Field) they'd earn a badge. A free hammer was also collectable in the meadow. Tink would visit too. It was Pixie Hollow's first famous fairy visit.

The Animal Masquerade was held late in October and it actually introduced Acorn Summit. The meadow would be decorated and a pair of chipmunk ears would be collectable. If players wear an animal mask or ears, they'd earn a badge. Animal masks were on sale at Summit Style. Fawn visited during this event.

The Autumn Jubilee was the last fall event of 2008 and it had decorations in the entire Autumn Forest and a giant cornucopia in the Pumpkin Patch. It would fill up as players donate ingredients. Everyone that donates 50 seeds, nuts or berries would recieve a badge. A free gift would be in Maple Tree Hill and a badge would be rewarded to the top Harvest Hustle scorers during the event. Fairies actually voted on Tinkerbell visiting. Tabby visited as well.

Now for 2009. The Changing of the Leaves event was introduced. Starting a few days before the event, a covered up leaf painting machine would be in Cottonpuff Field and Tink would have a quest about building the stations. There would be a station in each autumn meadow during the event and a second Tinkerbell quest would be introduced as well. This event had the first minister visit. On the last few days of the event, there would actually be cake in the Pumpkin Patch.

The Animal Masquerade was the first repeated event. It was basically the same as 2008 only the chipmunk ears were a different color, Kit visited along with Fawn, and new masks were added to Summit Style. Animal costumes were introduced too. And each year for the event, new animal costumes would be added.

The Autumn Revelry was held to promote the Lost Treasure movie and it was divided into two parts. The first part would introduce decorations in the Autumn Forest (including a covered up balloon in Cottonpuff Field) and three quests. The main part of the celebration would have the autumn meadows covered in blue pixie dust. A badge would be earned for collecting all the dust. Tink's balloon would be revealed and a toy balloon could be collected. Tink visited in her adventure outfit.

The Autumn Jubilee changed to the Fairy Feast in 2009. There would be a Fawn quest, no event gift (other than the famous fairy one), no honors badge and the only autumn meadows that would be decorated were the Pumpkin Patch and Acorn Summit with a lovely banquet table.

Now for 2010! The Changing of the Leaves would have a Fawn quest rather than a Tink one, and there would be no decoration teasers. Autumn officially began with the Great Fairy Rescue event; Tink and Vidia's Welcome Home Party. It would have decorations in Havendish, Acorn Summit and Cottonpuff Field. Tink would have a quest with the reward being a key to Lizzy's fairy house. It would have free gifts. There would be another gift in the ballroom. Tink and Vidia would visit, but the Minister of Autumn would also attend because it was the beginning of autumn.

The Masquerade would recieve a major overhaul. There would be a five part Fawn quest before the event. Most meadows would have decorations and a trick or treat bowl. Chilly Falls would have two. Treats included ingredients, treats, dyes and decorations. The Havendish Square bowl would have the event badge. There would be a ballroom gift and pet feeding bowls throughout the meadows. Tink and Beck would visit.

The Fairy Feast would also recieve an overhaul. The cornucopia would automatically be filled as soon as it appeared. There would be a soup station in Acorn Summit and a cake station in Cottonpuff Field. The quest would be before the event and there would be a badge earned from hosting a party game. There may have been pumpkin cake at Dulcie's, but there was a pumpkin cake emoji.

There would once again be a Tink quest for the 2011 Changing of the Leaves. And Havendish Square would be decorated. Stations would be interactive.For the first time, the Autumn Equinox would be celebrated in Pixie Hollow. There would be a decorated ballroom and banners in the autumn meadows.

Trick or treating recieved an update for the masquerade. There would only be one bowl in Chilly Falls and none in Havendish. Treats would include acessories, decorations, and treats. Players would have to say "trick or treat" in order to recieve the item. The event badge would be rewarded for visiting all the bowls. The quest would be during the event rather than before it, there would be a jack-o-lantern cookie at Dulcie's, and Vidia would give away mainland inspired costume acessories as well as pumpkin rocks. All pet baskets would be moved to Havendish.

2011's feast had an Iridessa quest rather than a Fawn one. The icing on the cake was pink rather than white, and animations were added to the food stations. Cake tables were also added to Acorn Summit and Maple Tree Hill. There would be decorations in Havendish and a ballroom gift.

The Pixie Hollow Games were celebrated in late November, and that event was divided into two parts. The first part was before the TV special aired. Marina would have a quest about building the Fairy Coliseum. Upon completion, players would be avaliable to visit a coliseum contruction zone where they can grab a construction hat and interact with the things in the meadow. The theatre would become a cheer zone and the famous fairy home meadows would have banners cheering on their talent. The second part of the event would be after the TV special. The coliseum would open, a slideshow of Pixie Hollow Games highlights would be in the theatre, and all the banners would congratulate the garden talents on their victory. Throughout the event Vidia would give out Pixie Kart Derby inspired decorations. Rosetta and Chloe would visit. Yes, Chloe did visit once.

And we and this long and boring post with the Changing of the Leaves 2012. A seed packet was added to the ballrom. The Autumn Equinox event removed the banners in the forest, but there would be a golden acorn hunt similar to spring's golden clover hunt. And there would be a ballroom gift.

Trick or treating in 2012's masquerade would require a basket from Cassie's. A baker's dozen of candy corn silly sweets would be in the ballroom, more Vidia gifts were added, pets would bring pumpkin masks for them to wear, and a spoopy version of Lizzy's dollhouse was added to the theatre. Seeds would become part of the trick or treating gifts.

The Sister Celebration took place in November. Tink would have a quest and upon completion would allow access to the Frost Forest. This area would have Spike's Sweet Shop and some hidden piano spots. The ballroom would feature an interactive snowmaker and a sparkling wing necklace. If enough fairies wore the necklace while using the sparkling wing emote in the Frost Forest, they'd earn a badge. Tink and Peri visited.

And Pixie Hollow's last ever fall event was the Fairy Feast. A kitchen was added to the theatre.

Congratulations on getting to the end of this essay! What was your favorite fall event memory?

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