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The Lost Tinkerbell Movie

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The original first Tinkebell movie, Tinkerbell and the Ring of Belief, has been a topic I've mentioned in a few of my videos. But I found some new information on the Disney Fairies wiki and I'd rather just do a post on my complete theory.

Here's some context about how the movie came to be. So, the Disney Fairies franchise originated in books in 2005. The version of Pixie Hollow in the books was after Peter Pan. Pixie Hollow would be in the heart of Neverland and instead of the Pixie Dust Tree, there would be the Home Tree where the fairies live. Fairies would get their pixie dust from Mother Dove instead. One of the earliest books was the Realm of the Never Fairies. It had a page describing the past version of Pixie Hollow. It was seprate from Neverland, but the waterfall portal to the realm was on the enchanted island. It would be centered by the Pixie Dust Tree (the purple one) that would eventually be destroyed in a battle (but not in the movies).

This version of Pixie Hollow would be in the Ring of Belief film. Young fairies would have to attend a fairy school at a place called the Conservatory with Fairy Mary as the teacher. They get their pixie dust from Queen Clarion after their training and can travel to the mainland to inspire belief.

So, this is basically what I've uncovered. Information comes from deleted scenes, old trailers and this one post moana made over a year ago.

According to the wiki, the story takes place before Peter Pan (just like the current movies). It would be the Pixie Dust Ceremony and Tink wasn't yet ready for her pixie dust while her friends were. The other fairies would feel sorry. She would swipe the pixie dust for herself which is probably how she breaks the ring of belief. When doing an analysis video on the movie, I thought it was an actual ring or something. But it could also be a large pixie dust ring or a place. Maybe it's a bell ring? Whatever the case, the pixie dust may hold it together. Queen Clarion would give Tink's friends individual tasks that would help save the ring before belief dissapears forever.

Another factor of the movie was the orphanage. I've guessed in my video that fairies, including Tinkerbell, were trying to encourage the orphans to believe to fix the ring in the trailer. According to that trailer and a storyboard, fairies would fly around this orphan girl (who's name might be Victoria). She'd be excited and run back to the orphanage and I think that's when she gets reassured that fairies aren't real or something and stops believing. The girl also mentions her mother in the very beginning of that trailer, so maybe her mother died and that's how she became an orphan.

And a storyboard deleted scene which is actually on youtube has Tink admitting she broke the Ring of Belief and needs pixie dust to mend it, but she doesn't have hers yet. Her friends give up their dust to Tink and dissapear. I'm pretty sure the other fairies go back and all goes well, but the scene was very dark and emotional, especially compared to the first movie.

So before I wrap this up there are some things I'd like to add. I don't think Vidia and Terrence were going to be in that movie because they were primarly book characters. But Silvermit's personality in the deleted scene was comparable to Vidia's. I don't know about you but I much prefer the optomistic, bubbly and socially awkward Silvermist!

And Tink was supposed to meet Peter Pan in that movie. The lost boys and pirates were supposed to appear as well. Maybe the pirates capture the fairies at one point as hinted in the deleted scene.

Moana touched upon it in her thread, but the film was originally going to be realease in the Fall of 2007. Teasers were shown as early as 2006. But the higher ups didn't like the movie so the story drastically changed and the release date was pushed back a year.

So, that's it. If you happen to have any other information related to the movie I forgot, please comment. Here are the sources that you might enjoy:

A FairyABC post with old images and an analysis of the movie-https://www.fairyabc.com/forum.p ... ighlight=tinkerbell
Deleted scene of the fairies giving up their pixie dust-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff9S2zLNhuM
Sneak peak of the movie with the orphan in it-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkTQEiWE7KM

The wiki post-https://disneyfairies.fandom.com ... _the_Ring_of_Belief

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I would love to see this as a movie. I would hope that her friends actually live like maybe they get teleported somewhere and come back once the ring is fixed.
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