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Pixie Hollow Book Memories

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The Disney Fairies books were a huge part of my childhood so I thought I'd share some of my favorite memories of them.

My first two fairy books-I got them both in the summer of 2008. They were Tink, North of Neverland (the one Lost Treasure was based off of ) and Dulcie's Taste of Magic. I wasn't really reading chapter books at the time so I mostly looked at the pictures, but I read them a lot and I thought I could understand a bit of the story. I especially liked the Comfort Cake picture in the Dulcie book. This book even taught me that kitchen talent is a thing.

The Hidden World of Fairies-I got this book for my birthday in 2008. I really liked that book and even took it with me on vacation even though the text was small and in a confusing font so I couldn't read it. I did really like the Neverland map when I first got the book though.

Fira and the Full Moon-I first got this book from the library and reading the first chapter in one of the comfy chairs in the kids section. I didn't really read it because I was so new to chapter books, but I really liked the illustrations and thought they were pretty. I can't rememeber whether or not I first got Rosetta's Daring Day from the library, but when I first read it I loved the dresses Rosetta and Fawn wore at the dinner and thought they were pretty.

Fairy Berry Bake Off-This is a Step Into Reading book about Dulcie and Ginger competing on who is the best baker. The reason why I loved this book was because of the illustrations and descriptions of the desserts.

The Realm of the Never Fairies-I first got this from a library in early 2009 I think. While I didn't really read it, I really enjoyed looking through the book. I got it for Christmas that same year and would read it every night before bed. I LOVED that book! This book made me want to live in Pixie Hollow for real and it got me more into fairies than I already was.

World of Fairies-I got this for my birthday in 2011. Because I loved Realm of the Never Fairies so much, I was so happy to get that one because it's basically Realm of the Never Fairies but more from the movies were added.

Getting back into fairy books-This was late 2012. From that year to early/mid 2013, I was really into those books and got more into Disney Fairies in general. These included the first to Gail Carson Levine books which began the franchise. This included rereading the first two books from 2008 and really noticing the parellels of Tink, North of Neverland and Lost Treasure. I remember back in elementary when those books seemed so long and took awhile to read.

Silvermist and the Ladybug Curse-I litterally finished that book while getting treated for head lice. I actually used that book in a school project where I wrote a 10 entry diary in Silvermist's point of view during the events of the story.

Welcome to Pixie Hollow-I found this book at a gift shop during my trip to Disney in late 2012. Almost as soon as I found that book, I wanted it. My favorite part about the book was that it doesn't just introduce the main movie and book characters, it has minor book characters (some of which I didn't know about). I litterally read that book during the trip and at the airport. I'd really enjoy taking it to vacations. I used those fairy pictures from the books in edits (I still do). This book got me way more into the other Disney Fairies books.

Drawing pictures from the fairy books-I'd basically copy the illustrations all the time. Some of them were from the Welcome to Pixie Hollow book. Once, I copied a picture of Prilla from that book and it was really good I think. I was going to post it in the art gallary in Pixie Hollow, but was too lazy too. The game shut down before I could.

Getting more fairy books from the library-In one library trip I got Vidia and the Fairy Crown, Art Lessons by Bess and Iridessa Lost at Sea.

"Reading" Disney Fairies books on the Tinkerbell DS game-Okay, not really. But on the Tinkerbell DS game, Rune would tell stories based off of the Disney Fairies books. I was especially into those stories in late 2012 and early 2013. The first one was always Rosetta's Daring Day. Here are the other ones:

Vidia and the Fairy Crown (the Fairy Crown)
Fira and the Full Moon (the Triplets)
Fawn and the Mysterious Trickster (the Trickster)
Rani and the Three Treasures (the Treasures)
Silvermist and the Ladybug Curse (Summer Festival story)

The book characters in those stories were replaced with game characters of the same talent. For example, Beck was replaced with Nollie.

Vidia and the Fairy Crown Manga-This is the version of the book I currently own. What I really enjoyed was rereading the story.

Fairy books I'd like to give "shoutouts" too:
Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg-For being the first Disney Fairies book and having a lot of adventure
Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand-For visiting the Great Wanded fairies
The Trouble with Tink-For having Tink reconnect with Peter Pan
Vidia and the Fairy Crown-For having Vidia as the protagonist and for having a lot of new characters

Rani in the Mermaid Lagoon-For explaining the Fairy Dance and visiting the mermaid kingdom. I also feel an emotion connection with Rani in the book
Fira and the Full Moon-I may like it because I'm a light fairy, but I love the story and the illustrations
Tink, North of Neverland-For being my first fairy book and basing an entire movie
Dulcie's Taste of Magic-For being one of my earliest books, introducing me to kitchen fairies and for the illustrations
Silvermist and the Ladybug Curse-For having my favorite fairy as the protagonist and for the memories associated with this book
Rosetta's Daring Day-Because I liked the story and characters, and for being the first story on the Tinkerbell DS game

Four Clues for Rani-For the story, moral and for exploring Neverland
The Hidden World of Fairies-For being nostalgic and for having some interesting "magical surprises"

Realm of the Never Fairies-For doing a great job at explaining the fairy world and for being nostalgic
World of Fairies-For expading on the Realm of the Never Fairies
Welcome to Pixie Hollow-For introducing so many characters and for having the fairy images I use in edits

The Fairy Berry Bake Off-For the food
The Never Girls-The book is magical simply because it's about modern day humans

The future:
I hope to reread some of the books because of how magical they are. I even have some fairy books I have yet to read. All I need to do is find the time.

I haven't read all the Disney Fairies books, so if your favorite isn't on here, please mention it and why you like it.

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Thank you for sharing!
My favorite Disney Fairy book is Four Clues for Rani.
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My first fairy book was Vidia and the Fairy Crown! Growing up she has always been my fav! <3
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