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[Default] Evolution of Pixie Hollow Summer Events

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Fly with you! While it is late in the summer, I thought it would be fun to do an evolution of Pixie Hollow's summer events (specifically Camp Pixie Dust) from 2009 all the way to 2013.

2009 didn't have a camp. Instead, it had the Garden Tea Party, the Summer Splash and the End of Summer Sparkler. The Summer Splash had a Silvermist quest about preparing for the party and a lucky fish in Dewdrop Vale. Iridessa and Silvermist paid a visit. The Sparkler had an Iridessa quest, a badge for playing Fairy Fireworks, and a free gift in Springtime Orchard. Iridessa visited.

Camp Pixie Dust began in 2010. It was heavilly based off mainland summer camp. Here's what was avaliable in the event in the first day.
  • Decorations in pretty much all areas of Havendish (even Cassie's had a banner)
  • A sign up badge members could earn by clicking on a sign up quill
  • A ballroom pool with a free gift and an interactive fountain and beach ball. There was even a badge for interacting with the ball
  • A campfire in the Fairy Tale Theatre. Throughout the summer the script would have five plays written by campfire story contest winners. Lyria would come in specific days and times marked by the new event calendar to tell camp stories. She would tell six different stories and famous fairies would attend the performances
  • Uniforms for each of the five talent troops were in Cassie's

The camp began on the summer solstice and lasted for ten weeks. However, new additions were made every week to keep the summer exciting. They'd be added and then remain throughout at least the entire summer:
Week 3-A badge was added for listening to a campfire story in your camp shirt

Week 4-S'mores were added to Dulcie's. They were the first event craft. A badge was added for personal crafting five s'mores. Berry Ball was also     added to Neverfruit Grove. It would even stay after camp up until the Pixie Post Office was added in January 2012. There was also a new s'mores emote

Week 5-A canteen was added to Mendy's and there was a similar crafting badge for the new accessory. Two camp quests were introduced as well. Tink would have a quest about making Tiger Lily's special friendship bracelet and Fawn would have a silly quest about a Bimblehoot.

Week 6-A cricket chorus was added to the Pumpkin Patch and a Rock Paper Scissors timer was added to Cottonpuff Field. They were both removed after camp ended. A badge for interacting with the camp activities was also introduced.

Week 7-In addition to a badge for playing the new game Butterfly Painter in your camp shirt, Tic Tac Toe and Bee's Eye were added. They became perminent activities.

Week 8-A badge was added for putting a tent in your fairy home. The ice rink was also added to Snowcap Glade with special camp decorations.

Week 9-A boat was added to Copper's. There was also a personal crafting badge similar to the previous two crafts.

Week 10-This was the last week of camp. Everyone that flew in got a free badge with their camp mascot. The campfire would be replaced with a stage. Each day that week there would be end of camp ceremonies with either two Never Council members or five different counselors.

The Pixie Pals made their debut in Camp Pixie Dust as counselors. This camp had three ribbon emojis as well. The Great Games and Summer Splash overlapped with camp. The Summer Splash 2010 would basically be the same as the previous year only the lucky fish would be in the ballroom pool and only Silvermist would visit.

After camp was the sparkler. It had everything from 2009 but the free gift and the event badge.

A training camp for the Pixie Hollow Games called Sports Camp was held in 2011 instead of Camp Pixie Dust. It introduced Marina's quest location which was in Palm Tree Cove at the time. She'd have a sign up quest which involved playing the minister's talent games. Completion would result in the sign up badge. The ballroom would have a lap pool and interactive smoothie bowl while the campfire would remain in the theatre, but there would no longer be a playwriting contest. Talent training uniforms were in Cassie's.

Rather than new additions simply being added every week, camp was divided into five two week sections, each themed after a different talent. The first two weeks of summer would actually be the Garden Tea Party and it would have the Camp Pixie Dust ballroom pool, but with no interactive surprises, no gift and pretty looking candles. After those two weeks, Sports Camp would last for ten weeks.

Each themed section would have:
  • A Marina talent game quest that would give a talent colored trophy
  • A badge for playing a certain talent game while wearing any training shirt
  • The respective talent's banner as a ballroom gift
  • That talent's banners in Havendish, the ballroom and the two meadows of the respective talent's games
  • Leaderboards for the talent's games on the Disney Fairies website

Starting on section 2 (the tinker talent section), Lyria would start performing at the top of every hour. For sections 2, 3 and 4, she'd tell a part of a three part story about the garden talent losing streak. She'd tell the whole story on the final section. A campfire story badge just like the one from 2010 has also returned.

The Summer Splash and Sparkler overlapped with camp as part of water and light weeks respectively. The Sparkler would no longer have an event quest. The Fab 5 famous fairies would visit the ballroom in their respective sections. The pixie pals (coaches) would also frequently visit.

Camp Pixie Dust returned in 2012 with the following changes:
  • More stuff was avaliable to nonmembers
  • The s'more and campfire story badges from 2010 would return, but for the whole summer
  • The ballroom pool would return, but there wouldn't be a ballroom gift, beach ball badge or interactive fountain
  • S'mores would be avaliable for the whole summer along with a red, white and blue firework silly sweet
  • The s'more emote would be avaliable for the whole summer as well as five troop mascot emotes
  • The ice rink would have the 2010 decroations for the whole summer

This camp lasted longer than the previous two years with it being twelve weeks. Similar to Sports Camp, it would also be divided into talent themed sections. The first section was really an introduction. Lyria would tell the Fearless Five story from the 2010 that week.

Each talent section had:
  • A new talent themed craft that would be added and it would stay for the whole summer
  • A troop spirit quest from the respective talent's famous fairy with a talent themed award
  • A badge for playing a certain minigame five times
  • A trophy that would be earned for making the leaderboard on that respective game
  • Troop banners on the special game's meadow and the famous fairy's home medow
  • A badge that would be earned by using the troop mascot's emote with other fairies in the special game's meadow in the respective troop's shirt
  • A troop silly sweet that would be earned from showing that respective troop's spirit
  • A Lyria tale about that troop's mascot

The Summer Splash quest that year would overlap with the camp quest and the Lucky Fish would be in Havendish rather than the ballroom. There would once again be a Sparkler badge for throwing a Neverlight party.

And last but not least, we have 2013's camp. The following changes were made:
  • There would once again be a ballroom gift
  • The troop uniforms would recieve a major overhaul
  • Lyria would only tell one story throughout the entire summer. It would be about the Never Unicorn
  • A unicorn emote would be added
  • Each famous fairy's "home meadow" would be decorated in their respective troop's banners. All the troop silly sweets and badges would be avaliable to earn throughout the entire summer
  • Camp hideouts were hidden within their respective troop's banner. That troop's shirt is required to enter the hideouts

This camp also had six sections, but they were all based off of Pixie Hollow activites. There was sign-up week, wilderness week, flower power week, craft week, party week and the End of Summer Sparkler.

Here's what each week offered:
  • A badge for doing this week's activity
  • A camp challenge where whichever troop has the most badge participation points wins an honors badge. Every troop won a challenge
  • A never unicorn quest from a certain famous fairy. They'd give part of a unicorn costume as a reward

As for the Summer Splash, Tink would visit instead of Silvermist. The Lucky Fish would be in Sunflower Gully for the entire summer rather than just the event. There would be no Summer Splash quest. And the Sparkler (sigh) doubled as the Pixie Hollow Farewell event. It would last from August 20 all the way to September 19. The Iridessa quest would reward the player with a never unicorn seeker badge. Every troop won the final camp challnege (as a farewell gift).

After the closure:

Even after 2013, I still celebrated Camp Pixie Dust. I wrote camp stories in 2014 and 2015. Sports Camp should come back for the Pixie Hollow Games every four years, so 2015 and 2019 would be Sports Camp years. FairyABC celebrated Camp Pixie Dust a little bit with the camp meadow, a ballroom pool with the beach ball and the camp uniforms from 2013 in the Fairy Circle shop.

But I recently celebrated the more recent camp years on my blog. For my versions, the camp would still be divided into sections, but each one would last for one week. Because there are way more talents on FairyABC, there should be more talent troops.

Thanks for reading this long post and happy Summer Splash!

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