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Fly with you Fairies! Do any of you remember the Pixie Pals? They were a type of famous fairy that would reguarly visit OG Pixie Hollow events since Camp 2010. They'd have green name tags rather than yellow and they'd look a lot like us Pixie Hollow players. They'd change their outfit to match the event and they'd sometimes change their hair from time to time.

Before 2013, they'd have different titles to match their respective event:
Camp Counselor-Camp Pixie Dust
Animal Buddy-2010 Masquerade
Chef-Fairy Feast
Snowflake/Snowfairy-Winter Wonderland Party
CritterSitter-Animal Mother's Day
Patron/Brewer/Server-Garden Tea Party

Coach-Sports Camp/Pixie Hollow Games
Trickster/Treater-Animal Masquerade
Postpixie-Art Month 2012
Lucky Clover-Spring Celebration

That's all I remember. Their addresses used to change too, but it settled to Springtime Street. Their title settled to Pixie Pal in 2013, but it was used in earlier Fairy Friendship Festivals.

Here are the pixie pals and some info about them. See how many you've enountered!

#1-Lulu-Lulu was a water talent that started out as a rarer one but she eventually became more common. She may or may not have appeared in a few late 2009 to early 2010 event blog snapshots as Lulu. Lulu wore the blue Brook's Basics dress from that time period

#2-Perry-He was a common tinker talent that enjoys adventuring in the wilderness

#3-Clay-He was a rare garden talent that was absent from several events
#4-Jazzy-She's a social and common light talent that was good friends with Kate I think

#5-Kate-She was a pretty rare garden talent that was absent from the list for a few events
#6-Sandy-She's a garden talent that has a royal baking badge and enjoys wolves and carrot cupcakes
#7-Heart-She's a water talent that loves tea parties and was best friends with Pixie Pal Happy

#8-Emery-He's a light talent that appeared with Lulu a lot
#9-No one

#10-Lyric-He's a light talent that loves the color Frosty Blue and was good friends with Happy and Heart

#11-Emma-She's a garden talent that I don't remember too much about

#12-Cocoa-She was a tinker fairy. I don't remember too much about her.

#13-Banjo-He was an interesting animal talent. He enjoyed playing funny tricks like becoming a ninja that one time
#14-Happy-Ah...Happy! She's a water talent that LOVES sugar and acting hyper!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#15-May-She's an animal talent that loves squirrels and chocolate

#16-Bear-He's an animal talent that was absent from the Pixie Pal list for a few events. He loved candy corn
#17-Newt-He's a water talent which I, again, don't remember much about

#18-Iris-She's a somewhat rare garden talent. I think I remember she was good friends with May

#19-Helen-She's an animal talent that likes summer green and acorn pancakes

#20-Kat-She's a rarer pixie pal that was absent from the list for a few events. From what I remember, she's the youngest Pixie Pal arriving in 2010, but she somehow has the Founding Fairy badge.

If any of you took pictures of profiles or pixie pages from the Pixie Pals, please share.

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