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[Default] Pre Beta Pixie Hollow-What it was like

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Fly with y'all! It's Snowflake with yet another Pixie Hollow nostalgia post simply because I love writing them!

I'm sure most of you are familar with what the pre-beta Pixie Hollow (2007 to Pixie Hollow's opening in 2008) was like. But there are some stuff I found out which I didn't remember at first. Even after Pixie Hollow opened (and even after closure), the international Pixie Hollow sites remained in the pre beta, but there were some things that were only exclusive to the US 2007 version.

There were four benefits in creating an account. There was the ability to create a fairy (obviously), the Pixie Hollow Herald newsletter if you choose to subscribe to it (I don't know what was in it), first look at new additions to the Disney Fairies website (I think through email), and behind the scenes looks at the Tinkerbell movie. I think Pixie Hollow was supposed to email you all those things but neither me, nor my parents, remember those.

Another one of the benefits was to "make magical crafts". I'm not sure what that was. There was crafting in the actual online world. I'm guessing they were planning the online world even during the pre beta because in this one trailer I saw before Pixie Hollow opened, there was a preview of the actual game.

I'm sure many of you remember the old fairy creation (before 2010). The beta version had way more clothing options, no tinker talent, and a green garden talent icon rather than the current pink one.

After you create your fairy you'll be taken to your pixie page. The pixie page was very similar to the one that was in the actual Pixie Hollow. It even had the profile and the fairy rating system. You could decorate your home in that version, but the system was different. The fairy homes for each talent also looked different than in the online game. I personally prefer the newer ones (probably because I'm way more adapted to them). There were tons of decorations you'd get for free (yep, there were absolutely NO fees in that version!) and colors would vary depending on talent. The categories were furniture, lamps and decorations, but there was also a fourth category for frames. Yes, you could frame your home with leaves and flowers and stuff so it would display nicely on your page.

You'd also have a wardrobe. You'd get to keep the clothes you chose when creating your fairy, but you'd get a selection of multiple other outfits in colors related to your talent. And just like now, you could change your pose in your wardrobe.

The old pixie page also had a "friends list" even though it wasn't actually a friends list. There was this button on other pixie pages to "friend" a fairy even though you're just adding a link to that fairy's page to a list on your own pixie page. You weren't actually friends with that fairy.

And speaking of other fairies, you could visit other pixie pages. There was a button called "next page" in which you could visit another pixie page. The adresses were different in the pre beta. These include "almond orchard", "stilwatter springs" and "rainbow glen". Some of the oldest founding fairies have "Havendish Place" as their address.

Now let's get to some stuff that was only in the US version. First is the Fairy Directory which you could use to find specific pixie pages. You can search by talent and name. You could also look at the top fairies in four categories; most visited, highest rated, most active and newest arrivals.

More of the options exclusive to the US version were "print stationary" and "you-design it". I don't remember them really. I do remember printing out little card things with my fairy on it.

So...that's all I have to say. I'll insert a link with all the information including pictures in case you're interested. And if you have any more information you'd like to add, please do so. Pixie Hollow historians like me love to hear more about this stuff!

http://www.disneysonlineworlds.c ... ow_Pre-Beta_History





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