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[Story] Brainstorm Creativity Session!

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Hello all! I am back after a long hiatus, and am deciding to spark up the forum with a new activity for you all! This is as simple as free writing all your thoughts without a second thought. I'm going to give you a situation, and you're going to have to imagine you being in there, and then keep the ball rolling!

Here we go :

Flakes fell silently to the ground in the moonlit streets. It was late and not a soul was to be found. Everything is in peace and quiet. Near the lake across the street stood a....

This situation may seem simple and plain, but take note, your imagination can get you soaring! Let us know how you feel, what it reminds you of, or what you would do! You can talk about memories you've had before, or spice it up with some fantasy story! This is just a lil creativity session for anyone to do it whenever they've got time to spend! Let's see what you've got, and have fun!
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Near the lake across the street stood a lamp post, which looked like it was pointing west as if trying to tell someone where to go. To a 5 year old, hungry and exhausted homeless orphan girl walking in the freezing cold, looking for any spot to sleep, safe from being harmed by those who didn't like a street child, Anything that was pointing in a direction was a sign of hope for her. Her hopes weren't high but she figured she'd go in the direction the lamp post was pointing. She walked 30 miles west when she started to feel dizzy due to hunger. She looked around to see if there was a trash can she could dig in but none were found. She fell to the ground, her bare hands in the cold snow, and dug to see if any food was burried. No food, but a mama rabbit emerged from her burrow and saw the starving child. She brought her some carrots, and the girl kissed her and thanked her over and over while gobbling the carrots. The mama rabbit could see the child was getting exhausted. She knew she was too big to fit in the burrow. Then the mama rabbit had an idea for a perfect place for the child to sleep. A little further north, there was a forest in plain sight. The first giant tree in the middle was very large and wide, plenty of room for a little girl to lay down and sleep. it also wasn't that high so she could climb it and even had a few pieces of fruit left in it's branches . The animals in the forest were friendly and would not hesitate to help the freezing child. So the mother rabbit motioned for the child to follow her, and the little girl obeyed. The mother rabbit led her to the tree and the girl climbed up the tree. The mama rabbit called to her animal friends and asked them to take care of the little girl, and if possible, find 2 loving people to take care of her. The animals knew well that she needed a set of human parents. The little girl slept in the tree with some squirrels snuggling against her to keep her warm. While sleeping, a bird thought of something. She had a friend who was a friendly great Dane, and this great Dane belonged to a sweet loving newly married couple. The couple was happy, except for the fact that they could not have a child on their own. The bird flew to her dog friend and told her about the child and asked if she thought her owners would take her in. The dog nodded and went to get her leash to get her owners to take her on a walk. The dog used her size to her advantage to get her owners to the giant tree. They looked up and saw the child, climbing up to grab a piece of fruit. They continued to watch to confirm that they were not dreaming. The man called to the girl, asking for her name. She scurried up further up the branch in fear, not realizing the branch she was climbing was getting less sturdy. She fell to the ground and hit her head on a rock and got knocked unconscious. Hours later, the girl slowly opened her eyes and found herself in a warm bed. She was scared, but the lady came in and told her not to be afraid. Then the man came in and told her the same thing and brought her some warm vegetable soup. which the little girl gobbled up. The woman asked to confirm her suspicion " are you an orphan?"  The little girl slowly nodded. Then she asked them how she could thank them. The couple smiled at each other. Then the man said well there are 2 things. The girl replied " name them". The man replied. Could you tell us your name and age? The girl nodded and said " my name is Lydia and I am 5." Then she asked them what was the other thing. The man pulled out a bunch of papers that had their signatures. Then the woman answered. " Call us mom and dad"


That is very good writing with a vivid imagination!  Post time 2018-11-26 21:43
This is really deep. I love it, getting goosebumps from it. Good work!  Post time 2018-11-25 06:51
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