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[Story] High School Darling Chapter 2.

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Chapter 2

I can't stop thinking about those girls. There was something odd about them. And the way Bella was interested in my necklace...
I need to ask about it.
I decided instead of walking home, I'd go to my Grandma Gwen's house. She had some odd stories about fairies and Never Land, maybe she can help me learn about weird people.
I opened the door to her house, and called out, "grandma!"
"Over here, Jess!"
I followed her voice to the living room, where she was cross-stitching fairies onto a cloth. She was really obsessed with fairies.
"Grandma, some new girls came to school, and they were weird."
She patted the spot on the couch next to her, ushering me to sit down and tell her more.
"One of them took interested in this," I held up the acorn.
Grandma studied the necklace. "You're finally wearing it!"
"Yeah, I was in a rush, and just grabbed the first necklace I could find in my jewelry box."
"Did you know this necklace was passed down from generation to generation? I once had it, myself."
"Who was the first to wear it?"
Grandma studied my face. "Your mother never told you?"
I shook my head. She just gave it to me for my tenth birthday without any words.
"This was Wendy Darling's necklace."
Wendy Darling. She was an ancestor of mine. I don't remember where in the family tree she was.
"Why is it coming from Wendy so important?"
"Why, it's the Kiss Necklace Peter Pan gave her."
Peter Pan. He's not real. He was just a bedtime story sometimes told to children. He can't be real.
"Now, tell me about the girls."
I sat back, and described each girl. When I got to Bella, Grandma's eyes widened.
"She's here! But how did she...nevermind, I think you should become their friend."
"Wait, why did you say 'she's here'?"
Grandma stood and put her cloth away. "You'll find out eventually. But it's late, child. You should return home before your mother worries about you."
I gave her a hug goodbye and left, ready to go home and think things over.


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This reminds me of the book I read called Fairies and the Quest for Neverland. Ooh...and the grandma is actually supposed to be Gwendolyn. I always thought Gwen would be the current generation one in the family, but if you see this differently, that's okay.

I love these types of stories where magic is pulled into an every day life.
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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