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  • NO my page refreshed as I was updating my profile hobbies :( Reply
  • Page is under construction. Sorry if you come across it and it looks like trash XD Reply
  • When you hear that Toys R Us is closing and it makes you sad because it had the most toys in your area   Reply
  • I had a dream that would creep out anyone.   Reply
  • Happy Valentine's Day   Love holiday.... HELP Reply

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How to make bases work - Fungirl's Tutorials 2017-12-06
Hey everybody! Today I'm here with a tutorial on how to make animal bases work. I've tried using bases/linearts before and they always had a white out ...
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Art Requests Info 2017-08-29
Hey fairies and sparrow men! Today I'm gonna talk about something I'm probably most "famous" for... Art requests. Ever since I posted my Grace art, pe ...
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  • websitehttp://
  • HobbiesHey everyone! I'm just a lovely little Hatsune Miku-obsessed teen. You can catch me listening to Japanese songs or lyrics-less soundtracks.
    I'm a fan of Star Wars, Paw Patrol, Vocaloid, and UTAU.

    ~I am NOT into boyfriend/girlfriend love at all lol
    ~I love music so much
    ~I draw everyday
    ~Im still into toys at the age of 14
    ~I want to be around lots of people online, but irl, I think I'd be more comfortable living in the forest with the animals instead of other peeps (Unless it's disneygirlygirl or Midnightescape! Live with me in the wooooooodz!!!)

    Stuff I like to do:
    -Rainbow Looming
    -Writing on Wattpad
    -Animal jam
    -Fairyabc (of course!)
    -Watch movies
    -Ship peeps
    -Eat junk food
    -Open presents
    -Play with toys
    -Think about random stuff liiiike.... Random... Stuff? Lol
    -Listen to music (kawaii Hatsune Miku!)
    -Cuddle Mocha (that's my cat)
    -Talk to new peeps and get to know em
    -Try to be the best moderator I can be for this community

    Also these people are amazing:
    Monkeydude111 (me bro)
    Ilikepandas111 (me other bro)
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentForest talent

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disneygirlygirl Yesterday 18:40
Fungirl99000: Cute new page! Mine is being updated now XD
disneygirlygirl 2018-2-24 21:59
Fungirl99000: Lololol
MidnightEscape 2018-2-24 19:50
Fungirl99000: I think the admins give them out. I'm not exactly sure, xd
MidnightEscape 2018-2-24 19:48
How do you even get medals?  
Twili~ 2018-2-23 20:35
Fungirl99000: Aw is that Miku in that gif u have?   
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