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The Toymaker's Apprentice
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  • "The way a crow / Shook down on me / The dust of snow / From a hemlock tree / Has given my heart / A change of mood / And saved some part / Of a day I had rued." (Robert Frost) Reply
  • Spring break means a strict diet of avocadoes and Don Quijote. Reply
  • Every day can be Pi day if you're irrational enough. Reply
  • Every time I trim my nails, I sing a lament for all the knots I will be unable to untie for the next week. Reply
  • Study music suggestions? Anyone, anyone? Reply
  • I'm looking for some new study music. Anyone have some suggestions? Reply
  • Drinking rose herbal tea from a floral mug makes me feel rather like a fairy. Reply
  • There are very few moods that cannot be improved by a warm bowl of macaroni and cheese. Reply
  • Jingles, I'm a talent master! Reply
  • Here's your weekly reminder to call your mom and tell her you love her. Just because. Reply
  • A third of the way through this morning's fitness center routine, my friend and I decided it would be a better idea to leave the gym and go eat banana bread instead. Reply
  • Happy Discounted Chocolate Day, everybody! Reply
  • It's a curious thing -- just a few flowers in an empty bottle on my counter make me feel more refreshed and serene Reply
  • Put your hands in the air like you care too much about everything Reply
  • There are more books in the library than I will ever be able to read in my lifetime, and this is both a problem and the opposite of a problem Reply
  • websitehttp://
  • HobbiesReading, writing stories and poems, petting dogs, listening to jazz, drinking tea, writing letters, and adventuring.

    I'm also learning Spanish. ¡Vamos a practicar juntos!
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentStorytelling talent

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Test blog title 2017-05-08
Fly with you! I joined Pixie Hollow back in 2007, so I'm pleased as pixie punch to be able to fly around again. This forum is pretty cool. Hope to con ...
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Jeocalix-Inminf 2018-11-27 09:55 PM
¿Hablas español?
IvyDaisysprout 2018-10-26 07:08 PM
FloraSeastone: Fly with you! I'm inviting myself over to your page to say (A) your art is incredible and (B) I also like chai! In fact, I just bought a box from Trad ...
thank you so much! yay, another chai buddy! <3
DelicateDeer 2018-10-20 06:28 PM
Your page is super relaxing! ♪♫
I also LOVE all of your outfits! ♥
neverland42 2018-10-12 08:53 AM
FloraSeastone: I like fantasy books, too! I've enjoyed The Chronicles of Narnia, The Emerald Atlas, Dealing with Dragons, and The Toymaker's Apprentice (retelling of ...
I definitely recommend Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate
Nighty 2018-9-25 10:40 PM
FloraSeastone: Fly with you! Just noticed that you replied to a thread and mentioned college stressing . . . I'm here to say AMEN, college can be ROUGH, and I believ ...
Fizzy 2018-8-18 07:33 PM
FloraSeastone: Fly with you! That Ring Pop header is the coolest thing I have seen all day.
Hehe Tysm!
Bellflowerp 2018-8-13 10:27 AM
FloraSeastone: Fly with you! I like your signature a lot--I think Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium is an underrated movie.
Thanks so much, Flora!    I agree! I love that movie sooo much (and the quotes are awesome, especially the King Lear one)!
Pumpkin 2018-8-10 05:09 PM
Thanks for rating my blog.
musa5672 2018-6-17 02:05 AM
Pretty page!
Fuffeedoo1 2018-6-15 03:29 PM
Hi. I love writing too. I really like your page. The music is really nice.
captainmarvel 2018-6-15 01:13 PM
FloraSeastone: Thanks for the buddy request. ^^ I'm glad you enjoy my page's music. What are some of your musical favorites?
Some of my favorite includes (but is not limited to), Owl City, Imagine Dragons, Jazz,
Nate Ruess/Fun, Anything 80's, Michael Jackson, Electric Swing, Irish, Broadway, and so on. ;)
How about you?
neverland42 2018-6-14 10:49 PM
FloraSeastone: Fly with you, fellow Flora! :) What are some of your favorite things to read?
I really like fantasy books! What about you?  
Kakariki 2018-6-10 06:49 PM
FloraSeastone : Thanks for the friend request! Tell me about your favorite birds. The Kakariki, a large parakeet species from New Zealand, their lack in loud noises as most other parrot species they make up with their uber physical activity, very curious even so much they have the tendency to get too brave but this personality trade also makes them easy to tame, they are also known for their mischievousness largely because of their curiosity. And aside from their agility in the air, my ... ...
MayEveningbell 2018-6-7 01:41 AM
FloraSeastone: Fly with you! Your page is so floral and lovely.
Thank you!
StarNova11 2018-6-5 11:14 AM
Cool page!
Blue_Hiraeth 2018-6-2 12:33 AM
FloraSeastone : I almost zoomed past your page, which would have been a mistake. The magical Narnia music and your engaging prose made me slow down, helped me open up ... Aw omw I can't tell you how happy I got reading this :') Thank you for the lovely compliments <3 I'm so glad the music and description brought you to that place of Hiraeth they represent for me. Oh your header brought me back :O Oo you have Owl City in your playlist <3 Omw your titles are perfect x'D ¡Yeees Spanish! I love ... ...
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