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  • Let's see, who is still around on the forums now? Me, check, Lav, check. I can't come up with anyone else. Who all is even here anymore? Reply
  • Like, who here would even care if I left? That's the scariest part for me. The ones I thought might are gone now. Who is left? Reply
  • I haven't seen this many people quitting all at once since the Pixie Police drama. Tell me it isn't this again. Reply
  • Who's even left anymore? Me? Mel? Cat? Kt? Torrine? HappyDerp? Anastasia-Lock? Pearl? Vi? Faye? Lav? Who on this list is staying? I know for literally none of them. Reply
  • Why does it seem like everyone is quitting? What happened at the Never Council meeting? Everyone that has quit so far was at it. I'll just have to hope that I'm not pushed to the same place they were Reply
  • We're a week away from one year of these forum's and I'm still not a minister? That's an achievement I wish didn't happen, but I also knew was coming. Reply
  • We're almost to the year anniversary of the forums! I remember when they're was hardly anyone here, and seeing it now is amazing. Reply
  • I made it to 500 visitors! I'm not sure who was the 500th, I personally think it was Kt-Kat, but I'm glad I got there! Onto the next milestone! Reply
  • I'm so close! Only two more! I'm very excited! It makes me so glad to see I'm close to a milestone on page visitors! Even though many are getting 1000 now, I'm glad to be getting to 500 Reply
  • Coming up on 500 visitors! I'm surprised! Most people don't visit this page LOL. But the real question here isn't why, it's who will be the 500th visitor? Reply
  • I want to play Splatoon 2 SO BAD! But I'm getting it release day so that's good. BUT THAT IS ON FRIDAY! I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG! Reply
  • Day 1: Rough Day 2: Emotionally hard Reply
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  • DescriptionI'm just you're average weird kid that doesn't know what they're doing most of the time!
  • HobbiesIDEK anymore
  • GenderMale
  • TalentActing talent

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secretofmywings 2017-10-9 16:59
that's my favorite marina and the diamonds song <3
Lavender-Marie 2017-9-17 00:28
Welcome to the mod team <3
Villiana 2017-9-6 13:20
Babydaisylover: You're staying, right?
I think so, for now, not sure though.
catcatherine 2017-9-6 06:21
Babydaisylover: Are you staying? I feel like it's only me and Lav staying now...
Eh idk
pearlcuteshine 2017-9-5 23:01
Babydaisylover: Pearl! I'll miss you!
awww i'll miss u too <3
Morgana 2017-9-5 00:23
Babydaisylover: You too?
Yep. Just getting my affairs in order and then I'm gone.
Solariopa 2017-9-3 01:13
Babydaisylover: Just letting you know everyday I remind myself to draw your fairy and every day right after that I procrastinate until the next time I remind myself t ...
No problem! Do take your time! <3
PixieDelRey 2017-9-1 13:06
lol same i love marina. ALSO YES BACK FOR GOOD!
Lavender-Marie 2017-8-31 20:27
Babydaisylover: Are you in band? What do you play? I'm in the Marching Band at my school and we have our first football game tomorrow. And we get to sleep in. 7 am wa ...
I'm a flute in band! And that's funny since I have my first game tomorrow lol
HappyDerp 2017-8-31 19:12
Babydaisylover : I love the new picture, but I'm so used to the other one, LOL. It's kind of like how when I changed mine a while back, the picture I had since the for ... I know exactly how you feel! When some of my friends change their profile, I have to take a few moments to realize who the person is. I wish I could use the HD version though, won't let me ;-;. Since Stella is also using her 3D edit as a profile (not to mention Vi), I decided to jump on that bandwagon as well! :D ...
catcatherine 2017-8-26 07:30
Babydaisylover: I hope you're feeling better. This time of year is when my season depression kicks in. I hope that isn't why you were sad, but get better and stay bet ...
Fzrasu 2017-8-19 06:08
Babydaisylover: How's the update coming? I'm really excited to see how this will change the game!
working on it, might take a while, sorry
rilakkuma 2017-8-13 03:20
Babydaisylover: Sorry to hear your quitting the forums. Is there a reason?
im getting anonymous hate for being male and i would stay but it's so.... triggering?? for lack of a better word
Mariposa 2017-8-9 22:40
Babydaisylover : I like this gif you have of Rosalina! If I could figure out how to revamp my page I would probably do it Animal Crossing themed. Do you play Animal Cr ... Thanks! Rosalina is my favourite character in anything and my favourite video game and Nintendo character! I even tried to get my username as Rosalina when I first signed up but it was already taken! I don't play Animal Crossing but it looks interesting. The only Nintendo games I play is Pokemon and Mario but I'm going to ... ...
unicorn 2017-8-4 09:35
bros bday
CelestialNebby 2017-8-3 18:44
Babydaisylover: Have you got Splatoon 2 yet? I have it and I LOVE IT! The single player is amazing! And I love the ranked battle, especially Rain Maker. I've got to r ...
Aaaa, I'm so jealous, I don't even have a Switch yet ;w;  I'll probably buy both the Switch and Splatoon 2 this week or next week though ^^ I just can't wait until I play the single player and Salmon Run owo
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